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Project Management: Planning & Risk [sap3] - Essay Example

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It shows individual tasks, task sequencing and their durations. The overall timeline of the project and its expected completion date can be viewed. The progression of the project is constantly…
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Project Management: Planning & Risk [sap3]
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Project Management: Planning and Risk Gantt chart A Gantt chart is a project management tool showing timelines of a project schedule. It shows individual tasks, task sequencing and their durations. The overall timeline of the project and its expected completion date can be viewed. The progression of the project is constantly updated, following the planned performance (Project Management Institute, 2004). The chart adjusts simultaneously by exhibiting the latest project schedule depicting a new tasks start and finish dates. It compares with the original baseline of your plan.
Advantages of Gantt Charts
1. It organizes the project managers’ thoughts. It provides an opportunity to divide and conquer. The main problem is subjugated by dividing it into constituent parts. A Gantt chart enables this to be achieved.
2. It creates an image of complexity. Diagrams and charts strengthen imagination through pictures. Therefore, complex ideas can be seen in the form of pictures, helping managers to understand their work schedule (Project Management Institute, 2004).
3. It demonstrates the planners’ actions. A well presented Gantt chart showing higher levels of organised tasks, and allocated resources, tells a lot about whether one has met the needs of the project.
4. It helps the project manager to set practical time frames. The bars on the chart shows period of tasks or set of tasks to be completed. It helps in getting the events appear in proper perspective. The events are significant in making sure that the organisation can optimize the projects resources and time.
5. It is extremely visible. The chart can be enlarged to show minute events, and remind people of the objectives that will take place. It is crucial when everyone in the enterprise have fundamental levels of understanding the project activities even if not directly engaged in the implementation (Project Management Institute, 2004).
Project Management Institute. (2004). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK® Guide, 3rd Edition. Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, Project Management Institute, pp. 9-10. Read More
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