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Operational management - Case Study Example

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On a closer point of view, the immense success can be credited to the organization development that has led to quality service…
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Operational management
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Extract of sample "Operational management"

McDonalds- Operations management McDonalds- Operations management In the work of Barnes (2008), it is palpable that McDonalds has claimed a great position and status among the numerous fast food chains in the world. On a closer point of view, the immense success can be credited to the organization development that has led to quality service and product delivery. This essay will attempt to shed light on the fact that McDonalds is an operation’s management based organization. The paper shall also aim at bringing out some of the features of the operation management which have placed the organization at a better place in the market as opposed to other fast food restaurants.
In the work of Barnes (2008) operations management entails proper use of the available resources to make effective and quality production successful. McDonalds embraced the operations management strategy, validating the reason for its success in the market.
First, Hill (n.d.) argues that McDonalds has spent a great deal of their energy on product planning. This is inclusive of coming up with products that are friendly to the clients in terms of cost and attractiveness. In the case of McDonalds, a lot of clients have indicated their passion for the chicken nuggets by the restaurant (Hill, n.d.). With the schedule manager on board, McDonalds is able to plan a sales chart, which allows production at any given time. The clients, therefore, return as they yearn for more from McDonalds and are rarely disappointed by the organization. New products are constantly added on the menu as seen in Hill’s (n.d.) work since the client’s preferences constantly change. The menu is inclusive of all foods and drinks for all weathers even the cold season (Hill, n.d.).
McDonalds is keen to plan a way forward to deal with its high demand. Hill (n.d.) clearly indicates how McDonalds deals with the volume of production and how to deal with the demand of the clients. Planning the capacity in this case has led to the organization deal with the demand variations both on long and short term basis. Hill (n.d.) emphasizes that the McDonald’s managers are quick to respond to the peak hours of the business, for instance lunchtimes, Friday evenings and weekends in the Eastborough restaurant. With adequate stock of ingredients, McDonalds is able to maintain its large clientele base.
In the McDonalds world, layout design has been of essence in making the organization a success. Hill (n.d.) quickly explains the arrangement of the organization that allows effective working, service provision, welcoming the clients, administration and storage. Proper layout design has abetted in boosting the productivity of the clients, and lower cost of production on the organization. For quality food delivery to be successful, proper preparation is mandatory, and is only possible through proper layout.
McDonalds has also invested in staff control and training. Staff control allows for meeting the demands of the clients and the corporation’s goals in general- which is to provide quality services at all times. Hill (n.d.) indicates that the employees in McDonalds have to go through an assessment process on a regular basis so as to weigh their ability to perform in the organization. It is for this reason therefore that the organization has gained status and consistency since its establishment.
Conclusively, it is valid to argue that McDonalds has gained immensely from operations management. Operations management has led to the restaurant gaining competitive advantage, and manage the operations of the business with minimal costs and higher competitive advantage.
Barnes, D., 2008. Operations Management: An International Perspective. London: Cengage Learning EMEA.
Hill, A., n.d. Lecture notes. University of Kingston: AMD Publishing. Read More
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