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BMW's dream factory and culture case - Term Paper Example

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The company is known all over the world for producing high quality luxury cars. BMWs are known for their exquisite design and functionality all over the world. The…
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BMWs dream factory and culture case
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Extract of sample "BMW's dream factory and culture case"

Download file to see previous pages The organizational culture of BMW can be characterized as employee oriented. Employees at BMW are given great importance and policies of the company can be termed as employee centric. BMW focuses on empowerment of employees and gives them enough freedom to come up with new ideas. The company also encourages innovation even for the lower level employees. There are also no red tapes in the company that separate the higher managers to the lower level employees. All this indicate to the fact that the culture of BMW is employee oriented.
In BMW employees are treated with respect and their suggestions are given attention. This is another reason why we can characterize the organizational culture of BMW as employee oriented. Employees are encouraged to come up with new ideas and their ideas are implemented within the company. This not only boosts the confidence of employees but also communicates to the employees how much the organization pays heed to their word. Employee oriented organizational culture is the reason of the long term success of the company because human capital is the most important part of any organization, and human capital is treated with great regard at BMW.
The organizational culture of BMW is very friendly and the top management is always interested in listening to employees. The company has benefitted from many innovations that were brought up by lower level employees. The entrepreneurial culture of the company fosters innovation by empowering employees to make a difference (Hellriegel & Slocum, 552). BMW allows employees to remain at the forefront of innovation and therefore the culture of the company can be categorized as employee oriented.
The automobile industry mostly relies on standard operating procedures and rigid assembly line manuals guide employees about their work. This is not the case in BMW as employees enjoy a great deal of freedom. Employees at the company operate with a high degree of flexibility and can change even their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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