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Compensation and Benefits Peer Discussion - Personal Statement Example

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This paper is being written with a view point to provide details regarding the discussion of the concepts that I found most interesting in chapter 12. I have to explain that how I will use these concepts to make my organization more effective. Besides that I will explain these…
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Compensation and Benefits Peer Discussion
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Compensation and Benefits Peer Discussion Teacher’s Institute This paper is being written with a view point to provide details regarding the discussion of the concepts that I found most interesting in chapter 12. I have to explain that how I will use these concepts to make my organization more effective. Besides that I will explain these concepts from an organizational strategic perspective. In the end I will describe that how these concepts are used by an HRM in any organization.
Compensation and Benefits Peer Discussion
To take part in the peer discussion, I would start by telling the most interesting points in chapter 12. I found these points truly interesting and attention-grabbing in this chapter. The first point is when I read about the “NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement” (p. 308). I like this system of free trade and in my point of views these kinds of trades system allows multiple countries to execute business with each other in more organized manner.
The second point that I found interesting was that in Mexico there is implemented a Federal Labor Law that clearly differentiates between a worker and an employer. I like the idea that both types of labor is identified and treated individually. This thought of differentiation can only be productive for any company if it is managed positively. Otherwise, the same thought can become destructive for any organization.
When I compare these two concepts with other countries then I found that Brazil also has a kind of law for its employers and that is “Consolidation of Labor Laws” (p. 314) but there is no differentiation between an employer and a worker. It treats all of the workers and employees equally. Since, what I think it shouldn’t be like that. There should be a line between the workers and employees of an organization. If we do so then our employees would feel honor and work with more hard work while on the other hand our workers would try to become an employee as well and pitch in their efforts to get a batch of an employee.
Now if I apply these concepts in my organization, then I would definitely try to introduce this free trade system between other countries and my country. This will not only ensure good relationship between multiple nations but also we get a good market share from other countries as well. In the end it will be good for the overall growth of my company.
Besides that I would surely introduce the second concept as well in my organization but in a positive way. Like a worker is a person who has recently joined our organization while an employee is a person who has been working with us since last two years. An employee has definitely more facilities and salary than a worker. A worker can be an employee after two years of working experience with our organization but on the other hand if an employee failed to perform as per company’s standards and rules then he will be again a worker till he or she proves worth of his or her work respectively.
Conclusively, these are the two concepts that I like more interesting in the chapter and I would like to implement them to improve the performance and productivity of my organization as a whole.
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