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Executive Pay Compensation - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Executive Pay Compensation” the author analyzes the increasing number of business activities that are the liberalization of economies and the growing globalization trends across the world. There is a great competition for the managers and leaders that can revive the hopes of businesses…
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Executive Pay Compensation
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Download file to see previous pages So far, research has indicated that people are the most important resources that businesses require in creating their competitive strategies. This stems from the fact that people have the capability to understand the business environment and ways of creating their success. In having a competent staff, one of the approaches used is ensuring that people get the best pay for their work they do in the business. Some business owners believe that having a competent staff is the key to having effective and efficient work. While it may be true, the approaches used in achieving an effective and competent staff are what differ from one business to another. One of the questions that have kept appearing among most of the researchers concerns the real worth that can be attached to business executives. Are the top managers and other CEOs justified by receiving millions of dollars at the end of their month on their paycheck? If that can be case, can their salaries be justified from the work that they do? These among other questions have formed the centres of discussion whenever employee compensation is mentioned. While some businesses often use money as a means of motivating their staff towards better performance, others often prefer using other non-monetary forms of incentives to achieve same; this has led to a huge controversy concerning executive compensation pay.Inasmuch as business executives have continued to be the beneficiaries of huge pays from their companies, some people have been outraged by this observation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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