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Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Business - Coursework Example

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For this purpose, two companies have been selected from UK’s retail sector, which are Tesco and Sainsbury.
For the purpose of carrying out this analysis, 50…
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Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Business
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Extract of sample "Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Business"

Download file to see previous pages However, for the purpose of bringing uniformity in the analysis, only 30 questionnaires were selected out of the correctly filled questionnaires for each company on random basis.
The survey questionnaire comprised of two sections; the first section included demographic attributes of the respondents, whereas the second consisted of four statements relating to performance, innovativeness, service quality and relationship marketing of the company under consideration. Each statement in the survey questionnaire was required to be responded on the basis of a five point Likert scale, which is as follows:
Upon reviewing the literature available on the subject of organizational performance and its determinants in retail sector, there are a number of variables identified. Most of the researchers and authors have regarded organizational performance as a dependent variable. Following is a review of relationships identified between organizational performance and various factors.
It has been stated that organizations which are able to bring innovation in their business processes are able to improve their performance. In this regard, Hult and Ketchen (2001), Garg et al. (2003) and Wu et al. (2003), found that there is a positive relationship between innovativeness and organizational performance.
The quality of services delivered by organizations to their customers is also regarded as an important factor in influencing the performance of those organizations. In their study of service organizations operating in Malaysia, Ramayah, Samat and Lo (2011) have found that performance of service organizations has a positive relationship with service quality.
The concept of relationship marketing relates to the creation and improvement of relations by an organization with its the customers (Jobber & Fahy, 2006). Shaker and Basem (2010) in their study found that the relationship between relationship marketing and organizational performance.
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