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Case--Buxon Hall - Essay Example

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Initially, the project had been initiated with the idea of revamping the Buxon Hall to redesign its architecture and handle all issues faced by the residents and staff in the Hall. By the end of the project, more than 70% of the initial objectives were achieved because some…
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Case--Buxon Hall
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Extract of sample "Case--Buxon Hall"

Buxon Hall case study AFFILIATION: Buxon Hall Case Study Question No How successful was this project?
Answer No.1
Initially, the project had been initiated with the idea of revamping the Buxon Hall to redesign its architecture and handle all issues faced by the residents and staff in the Hall. By the end of the project, more than 70% of the initial objectives were achieved because some decisions had to be made about postponing development of certain areas that were of less importance. The project was completed on time i.e. before 2008 fall session for the students so that the Buxon Hall could start its operations effectively.
From the analysis of the case, it is evident that almost 70% of the project was successful and every member of the project was satisfied with the efforts and final structure of the Hall. Since some decisions were pending, it was decided that they will be immediately addressed once additional reserves were available for them. The success of this project lies in the fact that the issues that emerged during its course were properly handled and it was flexible to get it modified according to the requirements of the project.
Question No.2
What best practices were evident in this case? How did they contribute to project objectives?
Answer No.2
As Buxon Hall project was successful, there were certain best practices present in the whole project such as continuous feedback about the project progress, altering the project to tackle any discrepancies, collaboration among team members and effective problem solving skills and vision towards attainment of common objectives. With the help of the assessment about developments in the project, the team members were able to identify the discrepancies between actual and targeted goals and they were addressed adequately to ensure that the project was completed on time.
For instance, it was decided that some walls will be revamped later when more money will be available and only vital areas will be focused for the present situation. When there were some problems between the university officials and Crawford foremen such as ineffective communication and lack of consensus decision making attributes, they were instantly addressed and necessary changes were made for ensuring that the project objectives were effectively accomplished by the teams. Read More
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Case--Buxon Hall Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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