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Nuclear Power Future - Essay Example

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The latest technology of PWR and BWR have reduced the cost of the plant and enhanced the efficiency and safety of the plant (, 2012). Nuclear power emits no carbon emissions; while, oil…
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Nuclear Power Future
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Extract of sample "Nuclear Power Future"

Nuclear Power Future No: Nuclear Power Future Now nuclear power is much safer as compared to any type of thermal power plant. The latest technology of PWR and BWR have reduced the cost of the plant and enhanced the efficiency and safety of the plant (, 2012). Nuclear power emits no carbon emissions; while, oil or coal based power plants contribute much in producing massive amount of carbon emissions. Coal fired power plants produce less energy as compared to the mass of the fuel. On the other hand, nuclear fuel is much concentrated and some grams of nuclear fuel may produce more power as compared to a ton of coal.
As nuclear fuel is free from carbon emissions, there are less ethical issues associated with the nuclear power. Farming outside the nuclear power plant produces the normal yield. There is no impact of nuclear power plant on the surroundings. The unit of the nuclear power is much less as compared to the oil or gas based power (Harrison & Hester, 2011, p44-58). The cost of the fuel required to run the nuclear power plant is much lesser as compared to the coal, oil or gas. Other alternate energy resources are less capable of providing the base load. The plans of the Hitachi Company to develop the nuclear power in Britain are quite clear to support the sustainable development in the region. The lessons from the Japan are well learned by the company and the company ensure that no further accidents will happen in Britain. The company ensures that the Britain will lead the renewable capacity by 2018.
A large investment should be welcomed to develop nuclear power. In most of the developed and under developed countries, the power crises are rising due to the massive industrialization in the past few decades. It is nearly impossible to predict the future of power generation regarding the coal, oil or gas, as the fossil fuel resources are shortening day by day and the demand for power is increasing day by day. To maintain the economic and social stability, there is need to develop the power generation systems that are capable of generating more power to meet the current as well as future power demands (Nuclear energy Agency, 1993). Britain is considered to be emitting major amount of fumes while generating electrical energy in the region. After the installation of the Nuclear power, the emissions regarding the power generation will reduce significantly and thus the motto of environmental protection will be fulfilled.
As the project is supposed to create 6000 jobs while constructing the each plant and 1000 permanent jobs for the operations of the plant, the social and economic aspects of the plan will be much beneficent. On the other hand, the lower cost of the power unit may provide immense economic benefits. The company attained the legal rights to build nuclear power plants in Britain and the company it is assured that the project will fulfil all the legal requirements considering the environment and power systems. The enclosed body of the power plants will have no health impacts and no radiations are allowed to make contact with the outer environment.
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Harrison, Roy M. and Hester, Ronald E. 2011. Nuclear Power and the Environment. London: Royal Society of Chemistry.  Read More
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Nuclear Power Future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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