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E-Learning: Advantages and Limitations - Research Paper Example

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The essay explores e-learning as an effective advancement of learning and training systems that play a vital role in the flow of information and communication amongst users and academic institutions…
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E-Learning: Advantages and Limitations
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Extract of sample "E-Learning: Advantages and Limitations"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that with the onset of digital age, online services prove to be an essential tool for easy communication. Online services through organizational intranet and internet functions allow a fast and efficient flow of information transfer while significantly reducing the cost of the process as information dissemination is improved. This kind of set up dissolves the notion of distance and permits people to convene amidst physical barriers. As such, information and communication technologies have been applied to educational development in both academic institutions and work in recent years through the establishment of e-learning “in order to reinforce academic development, to widen access, to attain universal scope and to extend knowledge, as well as to facilitate education throughout life”. Although the role of e-learning to contemporary education and its impact in student learning are mostly leaning to positive results, there are still observed limitations in the program that need to be improved. E-learning is defined by Ruiz, Mintzer and Leipzig as “the use of Internet technologies to enhance knowledge and performance. E-learning technologies offer learners control over content, learning sequence, pace learning, time, and often media, allowing them to tailor their experiences to meet their personal learning objectives.” It is a new form of training, promising a single experience that accommodates different and distinct learning styles in the form of auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning. Since it offers individualized instruction while eliminating the requirement of instructors to lead the course, e-learning has the ability to target specific needs of the students and address their individual learning preferences. In addition, synchronous e-learning is a self-paced process. According to Kruse, “advanced learners are allowed to speed through or bypass instruction that is redundant while novices slow their own progress through content, eliminating frustration with themselves, their fellow learners, and the course.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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