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Change in management (skill building) - Essay Example

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Understanding the problem clearly gives clear direction and solution on how the problem could be solved.We will be selecting the…
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Change in management (skill building)
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Extract of sample "Change in management (skill building)"

Change Management of the of the Change Management Before making a decision regarding change in an organization, it is imperative to find out the problem in an organization that needs to be rectified. Understanding the problem clearly gives clear direction and solution on how the problem could be solved.We will be selecting the second option, where we will talk to supervisors of different department. Supervisors have gone through rigourous training of employees and they are aware of the organizational happenings and problems. This will help us to take the issue in a better way to the staff employees, who can resolve the problem. In this way, supervisors would also support our decision.
For the purpose, we contacted the supervisors of the department to find out the problem. We held a detailed meeting with supervisors and talked with them about the departmental happenings. Supervisors are the most informed and experienced employees of a department, who are very well aware of the problems and issues of a department. Supervisors gave an insight about the problem and offered some suggestions.
After talking to the supervisors in different departments, we found out that employee’s productivity was reducing and they were taking extra ordinary time to complete their tasks. With time, company products and services has increased and so was the number of processes carried out by the company. This had reduced the productivity of employees as they failed to complete their task on time and meet deadlines (Collins & Jim, 2002, pp. 70-84).
We then indentified that these employees require training for the resolution of their problem. We also new that we may have to face an issue while implementing this solution, that is resistance against new system or change in the organization. Some of the supervisors are not ready to accept the change as they love to work with their old tested methods. However, we talked to them and convinced them on how training can solve the problem of our organization (Dunford & Palmer, 2006, pp. 52-120). We were able to convince them with the help of showing them statistics of companies doing well with the help of this tool.
We first conducted training sessions with the supervisors telling them on how to coach or teach their subordinates. We arranged lectures with the help of power point presentations explaining them different concepts and functions used in their department and other department. We explained them different training tools like task assignment, group roles, project based learning that would help them reduce problems in the organization for employees. We also gave them a set of manual that they could use for the training of employees. The training helped these supervisors learn a lot about the job as they were able to now understand various concepts more readily. The supervisors also revealed that there is lack of communication and proper training in the department, which leads to low productivity in the department. Hence, they also agreed to train their subordinates (Hewitt-Taylor, 2012).
They conducted trainings for their subordinates giving overview of the whole organization and the department. They also explained them on who to contact in case they have any problem regarding an issue. They also explained the working of different software that would improve employee’s productivity. After offering training session, employees were given a team task to be completed in one week on presenting a report on customer satisfaction. With the help of training and good communication with the team, they were able to produce an excellent report with great insights.
Collins Jim, (2002) Built to Last: successful habits of visionary companies, Harper Collins Inc, pp. 70-84.
Fisk, P, (2008) Business genius: A more inspired approach to business growth, Capstone, pp. 6-15.
Hewitt-Taylor, (2012), “Identifying, analysing and solving problems in practice”, Nursing Standard / Rcn Publishing. Read More
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