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Hotel Management - Essay Example

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One firmly believes that in view of increasing propensities for using virtual meeting technologies, social networking sites, teleconferencing, and other technological application media, the future of large face-to-face meetings could be diminished but not totally eliminated. For…
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Hotel Management
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Extract of sample "Hotel Management"

Hotel Management One firmly believes that in view of increasing propensities for using virtual meeting technologies, social networking sites, teleconferencing, and other technological application media, the future of large face-to-face meetings could be diminished but not totally eliminated. For some events or important functions, especially within contemporary business organizations, that include hotel and restaurant management or events management, large group face-to-face meetings could and should not be totally eliminated.
The purpose of large group face-to-face meetings is specifically defined as achieving an identified consensus towards a particular pursuit or endeavor that must be resolved and addressed. Although supporters of virtual meetings and other technological applications contend that the same objective could be attained by eliminating face to face meetings, one argues that virtual meetings and other computer mediated forms of communication are most prone to distractions. Since the users are in different locations, which are most convenient to their respective endeavors, despite indicating presence during the virtual meeting, these participants could in fact continue other forms of activities such as responding to emails, texting, and making side conversations without the obvious knowledge of the other participants. As such, those participating in virtual meetings and other technologically mediated forms of communication, exhibit inability to focus completely and dedicatedly since distractions abound.
With large face-to-face meetings which are designed to unite members into collaborating, participating, observing, listening, reacting, responding and interacting with other participants, more enlivened discussion ensues. The element of human interaction is crucial and paramount as it indicates a form of commitment, a social bond that indicates conformity to the same goals, philosophies, values and ideals promoted by the group, of which the members should be active participants. Likewise, through real time reaction and responses relayed by the participants, relevant and crucial issues are immediately resolved.
There are apparently many advantages of face-to-face meetings that could not just be totally ignored or dismissed; even with the prolific use and benefits of virtual meetings and computer mediated forms of communication. For one, face-to-face meetings have the ability to generate more positive and vibrant response from participants that motivate the group to be more enthusiastic about the objective being pursued. The exchange of interaction and feedback, as well as the human contact that confirms full commitment, dedication, innate drive, and serving to fulfill an identified unified goal is most vivid and present. The opportunities to re-affirm camaraderie among members is paramount and contributory to creative thinking and innovativeness that actually ensues from the presence of diverse peoples with different backgrounds – working together as they occupy the same time and place.
Overall, although there could be diminished opportunities for large face-to-face meetings due to the advent of virtual technologies, one is confident that the future of large face-to-face meetings would continue to exist into the future due to the advantages noted. Large face-to-face meetings obviously benefit not only the group, but the individual members as well, who remain part of a complex social structure that mutually gains from interaction, collaboration, feedback, participation, and the irreplaceable need for human contact. Read More
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(Hotel Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4)
Hotel Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4.
“Hotel Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4”, n.d.
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