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Training Evaluations for Starbucks - Essay Example

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The paper "Training Evaluations for Starbucks" discusses that once the training was conducted, employees’ performance was evaluated and the findings were reported to the head office in a report format with graphical representations encompassing qualitative and quantitative findings…
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Training Evaluations for Starbucks
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Extract of sample "Training Evaluations for Starbucks"

For this purpose of this assignment, the training programs conducted by Starbucks and the methods used for communicating their findings, were reviewed. At Starbucks, the training programs are usually conducted at the Store managers i.e. on-job training, instead of the head office or conference rooms. However, separate vicinities are provided to the employees for training and learning purposes which are different separate from usual work stations. The contact person for this assignment was the Store Manager, Mick Anderson. 
The primary purpose of communicating these findings was to ensure that management is aware of the current skills level of the employees working at that particular store. For store-based, performance evaluation at the year-end and justification of the training costs, reporting these findings was essential. The findings were sent to the head office addressing Human Resource Manager. Data was also sent in the form of tables i.e. excel sheets so that this data can be used later for further quantitative evaluations at the year-end. Timing of the communication and evaluation of the training is of fundamental importance at Starbucks. Since the training was conducted before the launch of new coffee, it was important to demonstrate that the employees are well-versed with the attributes of the product being offered. Secondly, the training was conducted near year-end which is also the time of performance appraisals. Therefore, for budget and expenditure analysis along with store performance appraisal, it was important t communicate the data at that particular time i.e. June 2012. Also, there is a strict deadline that store managers have to follow for communicating these evaluation findings which is usually two weeks after conducting the pieces of training (Russ-Eft & Preskill, 2009).
The report formed is usually a comparison between pre-training tests and post-training tests along with random interviews conducted by store managers for performance evaluation. This comparison helps in analyzing the current understanding of the employee regarding a particular product and also acts as the justification for training cost incurred. For the selection of a different course of action for communicating the evaluation findings, the answer of the store manager was negative since it is a standard format followed by the store managers throughout the organization. Read More
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(Training Evaluations for Starbucks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Training Evaluations for Starbucks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Training Evaluations for Starbucks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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