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Does management have responsibility to provide job satisfaction to its employees - Research Paper Example

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Job satisfaction depends on how motivated an individual is at the work place. If the job is not what he or she relates with, it is likely that motivation will be inexistent. A workers sense of…
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Does management have responsibility to provide job satisfaction to its employees
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Extract of sample "Does management have responsibility to provide job satisfaction to its employees"

Management Introduction Job satisfaction is the ability of an employee to be entirely content with their job. Job satisfaction depends on how motivated an individual is at the work place. If the job is not what he or she relates with, it is likely that motivation will be inexistent. A workers sense of achievement is extremely beneficial for motivation. If success is not something that the worker can identify with, it affects productivity and his or her personal well-being. It is necessary for all employers to understand that the quality and quantity of work can affect the entire organization.
Maslows theory further explains that the low need level of needs need to be satisfied in order to avoid unpleasant consequences (Aziri, 2011). Some of these needs are food, sleep, warmth and other basic needs. For employers to meet these needs, they might probably provide food in the office to avoid unnecessary movement around the work area and probably install air conditioning to cater for the extremely hot or cold seasons. As these basic needs are met, they also start upgrading. At this point, they also feel that social and psychological needs need to be met. They start: believing in themselves and therefore, their self-esteem becomes distinct, wanting to be accepted socially, shown appreciation in the work place and they start feeling a strong sense of self-actualization to be able to develop as an employee (Luvisangra, 2012). This entire process brings about job satisfaction and increases production for the company.
Incentives are also crucial for job satisfaction. Any employee who works tremendously hard in their workplace deserves to be appreciated. Incentives can be in the form of gifts, shopping vouchers, trips or the title of employee of the month (University of Alberta, 2012).
Evaluations of whether or not the employees are satisfied should be conducted often. These evaluations are audits. There are many audits from financial; operational to follow up audits, but the best is the type that ensures that the emotions going round in the work place are unveiled, without necessarily identifying the names of the employees who feel a certain way. Confidentiality should be of the essence when conducting these evaluations. Audits are also supremely pertinent to examine whether security measures are effectual in the work place.
The different forms of management can also affect job satisfaction considerably. There are two types of viewpoints that stand out; the classical and behavioral viewpoints. While classical management is divided into administrative, scientific and bureaucratic management, the behavioral viewpoint is associated with the human behavior (Cherry, 2012). Maslows hierarchy of needs theory is beneficial when explaining this viewpoint. Classical management is usually associated with top-level management, which mainly deals with the scientific and systematic analysis of work. This kind of approach saves a lot of money and time, and it ensures that a peaceful environment is provided to employees. With a pleasant working environment, workers are likely to perform their duties in the best way they can (University of Alberta, 2012).
Job satisfaction is a combination of the above and how well or not an employee is willing to do his or her best at the work place. Every employee may be different and what motivates one employee may be different from what motivates another one. Managers and employers should at least get more acquainted with their workers and at least establish a friendly but authoritative relationship with them. This will help him, or her realize what works best for each employee.
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