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Elements of a total rewards communication program - Assignment Example

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The management must analyze all options available before resorting to salary freeze and benefit reduction in the following calendar year. One of the reasons that justify this move by…
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Elements of a total rewards communication program
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Extract of sample "Elements of a total rewards communication program"

Elements of a Total Reward Communication Program Communicating a salary freeze It is vital to that salary freezeis a very desperate action by any organization. The management must analyze all options available before resorting to salary freeze and benefit reduction in the following calendar year. One of the reasons that justify this move by management is a shift from labor intensive mode of production to capital intensive mode of production. The other reason is when there is an absolute need to have cost cutting. This can emanate from low output per employee and increase in inefficiency of employees. The management shall be compelled to take this move in order to reduce the magnitude of lose which could arise from the inefficiency. The external force that shall necessitate this action by management is a decrease in demand for the company products. This directly impacts negatively on the company’s revenue thus there shall be no sufficient funds to pay the employees. Inflation can also result to such an action (WorldatWork (Organization), (2007).
When general prices increase, the commodity prices shoot up. This implies that the management shall have to spend more funds in purchasing materials, current operating expenses, replenishment of stock, research, marketing and sales expenses increase as well. This consequently reduces the retained earnings of the firm. Stiff competition from competitors and rival firms can result to drastic decrease of sales by the company which will lead to low returns hence reduction of salaries and benefits will be inevitable. The government rules and regulations can be too prohibitive for the company to uphold its echelon of presentation in market. This will also result into reduction in sales revenue hence reduction in the employees’ salaries and benefits (Pauley & Pauley, 2009).
2. Media choices
The elements of media choices required should be the most appropriate ones that ensure the objectives are achieved. One of the elements that should be employed is the use of graphics and themes which advocate for and complement the mission and values of the organizations. Another element is the use of specific colors, which communicate clear messages to anyone in the public domain. The use of certain words repetitively which philosophically highlight appropriate internal rewards for the employees. Furthermore, there should be internal reward branding that relates closely with the organization objectives, mission and culture. Branding constitutes packaging of benefits, compensation, performance and recognition into symbols. The use of graphics and themes is the hardest to evaluate with regard to the return on investment (WorldatWork (Organization), (2007).
WorldatWork (Organization). (2007). The WorldatWork handbook of compensation,
benefits & total rewards: A comprehensive guide for HR professionals. Chichester: Wiley.
Pauley, J. A., & Pauley, J. F. (2009). Communication: The key to effective leadership.
Milwaukee, Wis: ASQ Quality Press. Read More
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