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Negotiation & cross cultural communication - Essay Example

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In the paper “Negotiation & cross cultural communication” the author analyzes a key ingredient of the negotiation process among Chinese farmers. The question now arises as to the ‘ethical’ obligations of the company in a foreign land- a case that has historically been a complex one…
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Negotiation & cross cultural communication
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Extract of sample "Negotiation & cross cultural communication"

Download file to see previous pages High-ranking employees must, therefore, be sent to negotiate with the farmers as a sign of respect and regard to their concerns (Faure, 1998). The individuals dealing with the Chinese must demonstrate significant level of patience and power to take decisions. The negotiating team must include a lawyer who’s thoroughly abreast of Chinese law as well as international best practices. This individual shall also strengthen the link between the foreign party and the Chinese farmers. Furthermore, it would be fruitful to include the company’s Chinese counterparts during the discussion as these shall act to enhance the level of trust between the two parties. Given their native Chinese ‘sense’ they shall be able to understand and respond to the underlying Chinese tricks in a better manner compared to the Westerners (Fang, 2006).  Considering the fact that the Chinese tend to have a low level of trust for foreign stakes in their land, it would also be useful to include government support for Zhengcheng’s operations during the negotiation process.
Towards the end, it is highly desirable to demonstrate to the Chinese that similar contractual agreements have been formerly accepted by other Chinese parties (Fang, 2006). The Chinese are highly risk-averse individuals; hence, by doing so the company would majorly mitigate the risks faced by the Chinese farmers. However, this may not be possible given that it is a first-time situation in this case. The company lawyer, however, may be able to assist in this regard. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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