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An Innovative Model for the National Level Security Team - Essay Example

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The paper gives detailed information about the requirements for emergency managers, the main features which an effective manager should have. "An Innovative Model for the National Level Security Team" provides the study of the possible future shape of this post…
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An Innovative Model for the National Level Security Team
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Extract of sample "An Innovative Model for the National Level Security Team"

Effective emergency managers need some skills and traits in order to effectively manage the unforeseen disaster. Some of the skills include risk assessment skills, mitigation planning, and ability to work with the communities in preparedness through periodic drills. According to Drabek’s study of 1987, effective emergency managers should have salient traits such as anticipating disasters, exhibition of professionalism, being community mentors, reconciliatory traits, the knowledge of extend of authority and ordinance based powers and doing anything possible to protect and preserve the safety of the community.
Question one
The National Academy of Sciences study of emergency management concluded that efficient emergency managers need critical future skills such as grasp of the public administration and budgeting skills. It also made it clear that understanding of HAZUS software and improvement warnings and communications was essential for emergency managers. The study concluded that emergency managers should improve the use of social media and acquire higher education on risk assessment and preparedness skills (Langberg, 2010). The study also suggested that emergency managers should be more regionally focused and share best practices in emergency management in order to enhance the response capabilities of the first responders. The National Academy of Sciences study also proposed the better use of GIS and other software technologies in identifying and responding to emergencies. On the other hand, International Association of Emergency managers (IAEM) recently announced that the emergency managers should be compressive, risk-driven, progressive, inclusive, collaborative, professional, coordinated and flexible in response to emergencies (Howitt & Leonard, 2009). 
The future requirements of emergency managers will require uneven distribution of the disaster preparedness resources in rural and urban areas. Some of the potential effects on emergency managers' duties include the extent of legal responsibility assigned to emergency managers and use of advanced GIS and other software networking technologies (Langberg, 2010). The future will require the emergency managers to advocate for disaster-related regulations and laws and develop a budget for emergency preparedness. Read More
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