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Ethical case study to student in HRM class - Essay Example

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Hady, a junior consultant at MT firm. His new boss Mr. Phill while assigning him duties during first on-field task, has asked him to grab a copy of competitor’s proposal and pricing material. This, in true sense this…
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Ethical case study to student in HRM class
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Extract of sample "Ethical case study to student in HRM class"

Download file to see previous pages Mr. Hady shall obey to boss. Since the decision has to be taken on time therefore, obeying this will benefit the company, Mr. Phill and himself. This decision will be harmful in two areas; first, Mr. Hady would not be able to satisfy himself for doing this wrong thing and in case this act causes competitor to lose the opportunity mainly due to crucial information exposed to their competitor i.e. Mr. Phill. This decision will be based solely on the discretion of Mr. Hady and without mutual consent of everyone involved. Mr. Hady can give the benefit of doubt of competitor’s incapability to convince SAGA Engineering management as Mr. Phill will extract information after that day’s presentation is over and competitor already had the chance to present their high points.
Avoiding obeying this order would benefit all, though of course may not be in short term. This will satisfy Mr. Hady for not indulging in wrong act. There are chances that they may lose this deal, but will allow the deserved one to take it; hence, securing everyone’s right. Mr. Phill will get a chance to identify areas to polish his skills as nobody is perfect. This will also benefit Mr. Phil with secured standing in long term as successful person which will always be at risk anytime if such activity is disclosed. Firm will also be able to secure long term benefit with identification of their capacity to secure certain deals and in case Mr. Phills practice is disclosed it will question firm’s entire conduct. Moreover, it would be subjugation of MT’s right to deal if rival would have done something of the sort.
Avoiding obeying this decision will ensure equal rights given to all. Both firms’ representatives are given equal chance to present their bid. Hence, winning or losing bid will solely on the basis of one’s expertise. In fact, overall, MT or Mr. Phill is in better position as time assigned to them for presentation is double ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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