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Chapter 4 exercises - Essay Example

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However it was mainly developed for the scientists. With the passage of time other forms such as mainframe computers, mark I computers etc. were invented. After that the development…
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Chapter 4 exercises
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Download file to see previous pages Internet connected the world and thus made the communication process more effective. In the early days a base phone and a dial up modem was used to connect the internet, but after that cable connection was invented and it increased the speed of internet. Soon after that, wireless connections were also introduced and it offered a speed of 20 Mbps. Another advantage of wireless connection is the wider area of coverage, which is not possible in cable connections.
With the passage of time, the hardware section also got tremendously modified. There were enhanced and modern versions of computers were invented. The new forms came forward in the form of laptops, notebooks, tablets, Smartphone etc. Similarly other peripherals also got invented, such as printers, webcams etc. However, all the aforementioned computing devices have different uses and different functions. The software market is also the same, there have been large developments. Software such as SPSS and Office suite has changed the business world. Also there were introduction of open source software, which offered free software to the customers.
Advancement of technology has also allowed the manufacturers to come up with large number of variants for a product. A user therefore gets the opportunity to choose from various technical specifications.
One of the most important digital inventions came in the form of digital cameras. In simple words it revolutionized the world of photography. It not only got technologically advanced but succeeded in making ‘unlimited photography’. With the help of memory cards, users can now click as much pictures as they want.
Now whether it is a digital camera or a computing device, users chooses to buy it depending upon the purpose of the user. Once the purpose gets decided the next step is to compare the technical specifications and price of the items. Most of the users consider the present trends of market in deciding the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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