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Acquisition Spree Leaves Marconi in Need of Knowledge Management - Assignment Example

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The paper 'Acquisition Spree Leaves Marconi in Need of Knowledge Management' presents KM initiatives which resolve the problem of customers by facilitating easy troubleshooting through tips. It also helps the technical support agents to solve most of the customers’ problems…
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Acquisition Spree Leaves Marconi in Need of Knowledge Management
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Extract of sample "Acquisition Spree Leaves Marconi in Need of Knowledge Management"

Quadrant 3: Changing role
This is a very strong quadrant. It describes the changing roles of level 2 and level 3 agents who now have the added responsibility of creating technical solutions which are easily understood by customers.
Quadrant 4: Making it work
This is relatively weak quadrant. Concept of self troubleshooting is introduced and made attractive for customers through the customer-friendly procedure and explained in simple words. Cultural issues, employees’ concern, and training is discussed to make the system more efficient.
Answer 3
The knowledge management system is hugely beneficial for Marconi. It greatly facilitates customer relationship through a fast resolution of problems. Moreover, it encourages customers to solve the problems themselves rather than depend on agents. The frontline agents are able to solve more problems, thereby freeing level 2 and level 3 experts to create efficient and easy technical solutions for customers and agents. Most importantly, the system promotes the culture of sharing and teamwork which significantly improves productivity. Read More
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(Acquisition Spree Leaves Marconi in Need of Knowledge Management Assignment)
Acquisition Spree Leaves Marconi in Need of Knowledge Management Assignment.
“Acquisition Spree Leaves Marconi in Need of Knowledge Management Assignment”, n.d.
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