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The Knowledge Management Challenge - Assignment Example

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The researcher of the current paper casts light upon the fact that for companies to achieve competitive advantage and meet their targets and strategies, they must be able to roll out their business processes in a faster and effective way than their competitors. …
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The Knowledge Management Challenge
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Download file to see previous pages These three types of knowledge are what form the intellectual capital that is needed by PolySpec as it evolves. (1) Internal process knowledge related to PolySpec work processes This includes the trade secrets of the company such as patents and technical papers, the composition of the products especially the ratio of combinations, acquisitions, and their competitive advantages, blueprints and formulas. This is in addition to the internal operations and communications of the company that is not open to the public such as confidential conversations and documents. For example, Buddy holds four patents, has published several technical papers and he has hands-on management style (Fielder, et al n.d, P.2). PolySpec has made several acquisitions including Selby Battersby, Thiokol Formulated Products, and Flowcrete Plc (UK) with each merger bringing in new competitive advantage and products (Fielder, et al n.d, P.2). ...
(2) External process knowledge related to client tasks and projects This includes the knowledge of upcoming disputes regarding clients’ quality of workmanship, technical assistance to contractors, claims of mislabeled products, and product failures related to job conditions. For example, PolySpec technical personnel provide most of the technical support through informal ways such as telephone conversations (Fielder, et al n.d, P.1). Also, the following litigations are as a result of product or project failure associated with PolySpec and its subcontractors: Instafreeze, Inc. vs. Environchem Technology and PolySpec Corp; W.J. Enterprises, Inc. vs. PolySpec Corp; Ladell Alexander, et al vs. American Cyanamid, et al; and B-Z-B, Inc, vs. Slip Free Systems, Inc, and PolySpec, L.P. (Fielder, et al n.d, P.7). The external knowledge process belongs to the knowledge acquisition stage of the knowledge management process. (3) Product knowledge This includes the knowledge of company product categories, products professional opinions, product catalogs, product labels and product knowledge available on the company website. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Knowledge Management Challenge Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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