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Chapter 5 - Essay Example

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My top ten values ordered from topmost priority are as follows: (1) invest time; (2) learning; (3) self-esteem; (4) commitment; (5) flexibility; (6) initiative; (7) self-reliance; (8) family; (9) workmanship; and (10) satisfaction. Listing one’s values are challenging,…
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Chapter 5
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Extract of sample "Chapter 5"

Values and Ethical Dilemma Values My top ten values ordered from topmost priority are as follows invest time; (2) learning; (3) self-esteem; (4) commitment; (5) flexibility; (6) initiative; (7) self-reliance; (8) family; (9) workmanship; and (10) satisfaction. Listing one’s values are challenging, especially since I need to prioritize them. Likewise, when one compared the values that I listed to the values stipulated by executives through classifying them into terminal and instrumental values, one was amazed that I actually share parallel values in terms of concern for family, happiness (satisfaction and contentment), independence (self-reliance), self-respect (self-esteem), among others.
2. Ethical Dilemma
1. Why do some employers ban tattoos while others don’t mind them? Employers have different stance or position with regards to employees donning tattoos because some corporate environment require stakeholders to maintain a level of professionalism, which is instrumental in projecting a level of quality in their corporate image on a more traditional sphere.
2. Is it fair for employers to reject applicants who have tattoos? Based on the foregoing, one firmly believes that it is actually fair for employers to reject applicants who have tattoos, especially when these applicants would be future employees who are expected to project the same image of professionalism that the organization aims to adhere to and embody in their transactions. Is it fair to require employees, if hired, to conceal their tattoos? Actually, one believes that at the onset, a corporate philosophy of being true to the applicants in terms of signifying policies regarding tattoos should immediately be relayed. Therefore, if the organization condones tattoos and prefers employees without them, then they should be honest enough to state this requirement to the applicants to avoid conflicts in the future.
3. Should it be illegal to allow tattoos to be a factor at all in the hiring process. Personally, as disclosed in the case facts, tattoos are actually a person’s choice according to preferences and what was aimed to represent by donning them. As such, since these are matters of choices and preferences, organizations have also the prerogative to determine the hiring criteria which would place potential applicants for the right positions. If tattoos are seen as not in any way detrimental to the organization’s operations and to the corporate image being projected, then, the organization has the prerogative not specify restrictions in their hiring policies. It is therefore deemed not illegal for organizations to stipulate restrictions of donning tattoos, as deemed necessary, so long as these are justified and does not run counter to the Equal Employment Opportunities Law.
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Chapter 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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