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Professional Bio - Essay Example

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Martins is a registered nurse whose career objective is to work in an environment that is flexible enough to allow for sustainable growth in his individual nursing career, and which will provide overall team success in the healthcare provision sector.
He is a dedicated and…
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Professional Bio
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Extract of sample "Professional Bio"

Professional bio of Mr. Steve Martins Mr. Martins is a registered nurse whose career objective is to work in an environment that is flexible enough to allow for sustainable growth in his individual nursing career, and which will provide overall team success in the healthcare provision sector.
Personal attributes
He is a dedicated and patient-focused nurse with proven expertise in acute, staff development, and family advocacy. He has strong management abilities that include potentials in simultaneous multi-complex-task management, time management, and leadership ability towards superior patient care. Further, he has effective communication skills for coordinating activities towards optimal outcomes, and a swift critical thinking for managing emergencies. He also has comprehensive knowledge in therapeutic interventions and collaborative treatment process, besides outstanding interpersonal and communication skills that include superior accuracy in patient history, charting, and other documentations.
Mr. Martins has also demonstrated his ability to forge and motivate outstanding healthcare teams that provide top-quality patient care. He is objective oriented, self-motivated, and energetic and is a focused professional with a strong professional and academic background in nursing. Attributed to his major strengths are characteristics such as flexibility, good client relations, nursing knowledge, decision-making skills, and communication skills for training and presentations.
Mr. Martins holds a variety of academic qualifications. These include Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing in 2010, Associate Degree in Nursing GHNTS 
in 2009, and a Certificate in Nursing Vocational Management Training in 2003. Other academic qualifications include a Certificate in Nursing Health Training Services from Wheaton Maryland in 2000, and High School Diploma, Government High School General Studies in 1994.
Professional experience
Mr. Martins has, since 2007, worked as a registered nurse in various institutions; Davita downtown Baltimore, Prince Georges Regional Hospital, Woodbine Nursing and Rehab, Inc Virginia, and Home Health Connection in Chevy Chase. While in these institutions, he served in different capacities such as in medical surgical unit, monitoring and evaluation of nursing care in acute respiratory unit, and general care services such as admission and discharge of patients as well as patient education. Prior to these, he had worked as a licensed practicing nurse with Home Health Connection in Maryland, Manor care Nursing and Rehabilitation in Wheaton Maryland in 2007, and Springhouse Manor Care Health in Bethesda, Maryland in 2005 where he administered patient care. He also worked as a Geriatric nursing assistant with Collins Hood Nursing and Rehabilitation in Rockville Maryland in the year 2003 where he provided care activities in daily living, and assisted in rehabilitation and appointments, and made escorts to hospitals. He also worked as a salesperson with Macys, Gaithersburg in Maryland in the year 2002 where he integrated well with management on sales duties.
Awards and recognitions
While working as a salesperson, Mr. Martins won the employee of the month award.
His professional affiliations include the following,
Black nurses association, Silver Spring, Maryland members, March 2009 to present 
Med link, Annapolis, Maryland- IV certification- Apr 05- Jun 05
Ghnts Alexandria, Virginia- CPR certified- Mar 07
Montgomery village Nursing Home, Montgomery Village, Maryland- Wound care certification – July 06 Read More
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