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THE single MOST critical issue facing leaders & managers NOW (today - Essay Example

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However, current times are revealing different scenarios. This regards the fact that managers should enhance flexibility to manage modern companies. It is vital to note that there are current ideas such as…
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THE single MOST critical issue facing leaders & managers NOW (today
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Extract of sample "THE single MOST critical issue facing leaders & managers NOW (today"

Talent management Task: Talent management In the traditional sense, managers rely on the five roles of management. However, current times are revealing different scenarios. This regards the fact that managers should enhance flexibility to manage modern companies. It is vital to note that there are current ideas such as information technology in companies. Information technology arouses situations of talent. This brings the concept of talent management. The modern face of management split large duties such as human resource management into specific parts such talent management (Elegbe, 2010).
Talent management would refer to manipulation of human capital for maximum benefits out of the same. The principal feature of talent management regards the fact that it occurs in every department. It shifts several duties from the human resource department. It also involves strategies of attracting and retaining human capital in form of employees. This is a method of employing linked human resource processes in attaining a firm’s single benefit.
There are vital elements that talent management should consider. Traditional opinion considers the lower staff as the entity that deserves talent management. However, talent achieves a wider perspective in the sense of a company. Talent would refer to discovered and unrealized potential. This means that simple elements such as observing individuals’ emotions should be harnessed. Teams that possess proper coordination can also perform at a higher level. In order that a company harnesses proper growth, the best individuals need engagement and development from the company. Leading organizations are aware of the trick of driving superior business performance by managing exceptional talents.
Additionally, talent management should respect the fact that every employee has a way of expressing their talents. This relates to the fact every individual is unique. It means that they harness their distinct nature for better performance of themselves. Research proves that harnessing every individual’s potential creates competitive strength.
Besides, talent management should involve proper analysis of comprehensive data. This necessitates that companies should align their employees with the work environment (Shukla, 2009). Most organizations invest in understanding and analyzing technology. In terms of talent management, this should refer to the insight that organizations focus on utilizing human resources. Talent management systems ease the task of designing performance reviews. This pertains to employing a workflow that automates such tasks.
Workforce forms one of the largest causes of expenditure for organizations. Optimization of talent relieves this cost in terms of giving benefits to the same. This relates to a whole cycle of recruiting and vetting employees. It is vital to note that talent management relies on a current workforce. This eliminates the scenario of constantly hiring employees (Hatum, 2010). However, talent management has its negative sides. To begin with, it gives wrong impression to certain employees because it connotes a sense of machines in viewing individuals. In addition, it creates the impression of using employees solely for an organization’s benefit.
It is discernible that talent management is a specific method of harnessing employees’ performance. This is because it stretches to every entity in an organization. Besides, it is a specific duty in human resource management. Talent management should also focus on the top staff and proper analysis of the same. However, it has its negative sides of misconception by certain employees as a solely profiteering strategy.
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