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Google Inc Services - Google Tools - Essay Example

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This paper "Google Inc Services - Google Tools" focuses on the fact that Google is one of the popular multinational organizations on a global platform that provides its customers with a wide range of internet-related products that incorporate web browsing, software, advertising technologies. …
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Google Inc Services - Google Tools
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Extract of sample "Google Inc Services - Google Tools"

The informal corporate culture of Google is one of the distinctive components that it provides for its employees as one of its motivating strategies for its employees. Google has emphasized through their corporate values and beliefs that employees must enjoy the challenges that they confront at the workplace, rather coming under stress by the challenge (Google, 2004, pp. 14-15).
Google has invested to provide the employees with additional services and relaxed environment as a technique of reward and benefit that they can enjoy and relax their minds in order to be productive at work. In this regard, the company provides with onsite swimming pools, snack rooms, cafés, gyms, onsite childcare, and many other services. The primary aim of providing these services to the employees is to make them feel that they are a valuable asset for the company (Hajdini, 2010, pp. 32-38).
Another aspect of Google that cannot come under ignorance is the careful management team. Careful leadership is structured in such a way that they provide the finest and paramount environment to the employees in order to have great ideas from them. Moreover, the leadership and management also motivate the employees with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and benefits and appraisals based on their performances (Hajdini, 2010, pp. 32-35).
Google has believed in having dynamic and creative employees, due to which they initiated a policy known as ‘Innovation Time Off’ as one of the motivating techniques that can encourage and induce the employees to enhance their skills of innovation. This practice allowed the employees to work out and contribute some of their valuable time on the assignments that are of their interest. Since Google promotes their employees to think and implement outside the box, consequently, Gmail, Google News, Orkut and so forth are few of the invented new services by these creative engineers (Hajdini, 2010, pp. 43-47).
A diversified corporate culture of Google is again one of the leading elements that encourage the staff people to work at Google. The employees of Google come from a diverse and different cultural heritage, mindsets, family background and attitudes that they can practise within their projects and jobs in order to be more original and imaginative. Moreover, the focus of Google is to employ people from all over the world so that they can bring in more opinions and innovative ideas that can lead to inventive products. Consequently, this diversified culture of the organization escalates the learning process of the employees to a great extent (Hajdini, 2010, pp. 38-42).
To put it succinctly, Google is one of the multinational corporations that provide me with numerous opportunities to prove my skills and abilities and offer me a chance to raise and enhance my expertise. In addition, Google provides employees with empowerment, proper training and development, benefits and incentives, managerial roles, performance appraisals, alternative work schedules, and many more options. Due to all these widespread facets, Google highly persuades me to become a part of the firm.
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Please Help Me Pick One Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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