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Executive Report - Research Paper Example

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Tourism development has adverse impact on nature. The impact includes pressure on resources, destruction of natural habitats, and pollution. However, it is possible to reduce this impact by adopting…
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Executive Research Report
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Extract of sample "Executive Report"

Download file to see previous pages So it has become necessary to look into the connections between tourism development and environment. Also, it has become necessary to identify various models of sustainable tourism.
Blue Lagoon Cruises, the newly acquired client company, is facing certain problems which are to be solved at the earliest in order to ensure continuous growth of the company as it has experienced in the last 10 years. One of the problems is related to meeting the environmental demands while ensuring tourism development. This executive report illustrates the relation between tourism development and sustainable environmental preservation and suggests various ways to achieve profit while protecting environment.
This research project intends to investigate the impact of tourism development on environment and suggests various ways to introduce sustainable tourism development which ensures both profit and environmental protection.
This report will be highly helpful for the special stakeholder committee which consists of Blue Lagoon executives, investors, Kona government officials, various special interest groups like World Watch Group, and village groups. This report will give all these people a comprehensive understanding of the different models of tourism development, which ensure profit while addressing environmental concerns.
This report will conduct the research by answering three queries. First of all, it will identify the impacts of tourism on environment by analyzing works like that of the United Nations. Secondly, by analyzing cases like Bonaire National Parks Foundation and the Blue Flag, this work will identify various successful environmentally sustainable practices adopted by various agencies around the world. Thirdly, it looks into cases like Green Globe, International Tourism Partnership to prove that it is in fact more profitable in the long term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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