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Hypothetical Qualitative Study - Essay Example

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The specific research design within the overarching qualitative model will be the phenomenological method. The specific means of collecting information will be accomplished through semi-structured interviews with a cross…
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Hypothetical Qualitative Study
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Extract of sample "Hypothetical Qualitative Study"

Hypothetical Qualitative Study 2. The study will implement a qualitative study design. The specific research design within the overarching qualitative model will be the phenomenological method. The specific means of collecting information will be accomplished through semi-structured interviews with a cross section of consumers from diverse demographics. This diversity will extend to gender, age, and income level. These findings will then be compared to existing performance indicators of corporate responsibility embedded in literature and impact investing guidelines.
There are a number of key sources of information that will be gathered from the interview respondents. The main consideration is the establishment of corporate social responsibility and consumer spending patterns. In gaining this information it is first necessary, however, to determine the individuals perspectives on the level of corporate responsibility implemented by a series of organizations. In this way Apple, Starbucks, and Nike can be used. The individual will then be questioned directly on whether the lack of corporate social responsibility implemented by these organizations has impact their decision to purchase products. Another frame of questioning will use a hypothetical company, with hypothetical activities, to gain insights on purchasing patterns. A final frame of questioning will target the reasons why customer prefer one brand over another when quality and price are highly similar.
The qualitative design approach has been prominently implemented in a variety of contexts. Its noted that market research constitutes one major area of application (Denzin et al. 2005, p. 34). As the information sought in this study resists empirical quantification, the qualitative mode is recognized as the most appropriate. Within this overarching framework the phenomenological approach will be implemented as this approach examines the internal thoughts and feelings of the respondents (Creswell 2003, p. 72). Finally, the research will implement semi-structured interviews as these allow for probing the interview subjects thoughts and feelings for in-depth perspectives on the linkage between purchasing patterns and a corporations ethical practices (Holliday 2007, p. 45).
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Hypothetical Qualitative Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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