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Diversification Strategies of Southwest Airlines - Essay Example

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The essay "Diversification Strategies of Southwest Airlines" describes that Southwest Airlines team of management emphasizes a straightforward going hassle-free corporate style which grants employees extensive independence of operation. Southwest makes use of team metrics instead of functional metrics…
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Diversification Strategies of Southwest Airlines
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Extract of sample "Diversification Strategies of Southwest Airlines"

Download file to see previous pages A component of the great strength the Southwest Airlines encompasses is the immense understanding of the Herb which has consistently adhered to a pattern of maintaining low costs in all the places it has gone. The Southwest Airline centers on culture, leadership, communication, hiring practices and interviewing, as well as, the games that are used to motivate the employees of the airline. These areas best portray the company that has created success through inspiration after widespread research by the group. The understanding of Southwest’s leadership has allowed for the structuring, management, as well as, the motivation of employees. Leadership at the Southwest Airlines has played a paramount responsibility in the company’s success. The definitions of leadership, whereas true in the majority of cases, are implemented extremely liberally at the Southwest Airlines. Leadership is a manner of life, desire, culture, as well as, dedication at the Southwest Airlines. Southwest focuses on individuals as people and recognizes them as valuable assets to the company. Numerous businesses in the USA make use of performance measurements to scrutinize the actual performance. Other companies maintain such metrics through functional area to make certain of the functional answerability. Southwest considers functional answerability as a lead to the finger pointing involving departments (Lauer, 2010).
Southwest Airlines’ team of management emphasizes a straightforward going hassle-free corporate style which grants employees extensive independence of operation. The culture of Southwest that lays emphasis on the employees to be the “first customers" of the airline, as well as, passengers to be the subsequent, has been fundamental to the accomplishment of Southwest. Southwest desires to put forward a unique, as well as, a fun experience to all the customers (Grubbs-West, 2005). The philosophy of Southwest, in addition to the shared goals and knowledge, also encompasses mutual respect. The expectation of Southwest is that every person's job includes assisting colleagues with their job whenever necessary. Through provision of greater work flexibility, Southwest Company has the belief that it advances labor productivity, as well as, providing them with a competitive benefit. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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