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Multinational Management - Essay Example

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This is because they maintain the economic stability and unity required by the multinational firms. Some of the economic systems include the market, which form the core operations of…
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Multinational Management
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Extract of sample "Multinational Management"

Multinational management Task Multinational management Qsn1 Economic systems play significant roles towards the operation of multinational companies. This is because they maintain the economic stability and unity required by the multinational firms. Some of the economic systems include the market, which form the core operations of businesses as well as the traditional market system. Traditional economies is characterized by production for localized consumption within a family or a as mall area. It is a market system, which encourage small-scale production of goods using simple methods and limited resources. This is a market system, which greatly affects the operation of multinational companies, as they have to devolve more resources to the grass root level to satisfy the local consumption (Sage Publications, 2011). Market economic system on the other hand gets characterized by completion as each person does the best to suit the customers. Cumulative change in decisions by individuals seriously affects the operation of multinational companies as this affects the supply and demand of different commodities. In addition, the market economic system is influenced by tastes as preferences of customers, which vary with changing factors. This greatly affects operations of multinational companies.
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Various religious ethics affects the environment. To start with is the dominion of religions a factor, which guides where to sell a good and what type of good to sell. For instance, the Christian believers use the bible as their references book, which teaches them to be having dominance over the earth. According to western religions, the natural world exists for the benefit of human (Fernando, 2010). This calls for the existence of intrinsic values that affects the business environment. Apart from dominion stewardship, also exist as a dominant business philosophy. Religious people are regulated by their trust which item to buy and where to use it this greatly affect the business environment.
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The effects of education on multinational strategies are very diverse. To start with is the increased economic cost in implementation of extra education activities. An organization for instance can engage in education systems to create awareness among the employees on the use of computers. This will increase efficiency however the cost of education in such a scenario will be expensive thereby affecting international businesses. In addition, technological business advancements has been a leading factor that is affected greatly many business organizations. For instance, the introduction of e- commerce is a factor that has initiated completion among many firms rendering them ether obsolete or superior (Fernando, 2009). Ford motor company for instance discovered that further progress in fuel economy performance was necessary a factor which increased its efficiency due to education.
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Religion has the biggest impact on multinational strategies as compared to education. This is due to the increased corporate responsibility among firms, which is mainly affected by religious beliefs. Religious dominance for instance has made selling of various good difficult as they determine what to sell and where as well as the particular good (Langenberg, 2007). Religious ideologies also affect multinational strategies with Islam regulating the consumption f particular goods. This has resulted into a very different business environment, which get regulated by certain factors of religion.
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