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Blending the Thin Blue Line: Dynamic and diverse methods of Law Enforcement management - Research Paper Example

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The individuals who will be involved in this research in order to shed more light and try to answer the research questions will be police personnel of all ranks. These are effective because of their direct involvement and expertise with law enforcement at different levels…
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Blending the Thin Blue Line: Dynamic and diverse methods of Law Enforcement management
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Extract of sample "Blending the Thin Blue Line: Dynamic and diverse methods of Law Enforcement management"

Methodolody Affiliation: Methodology Population and sampling techniques The individuals who will be involved in this research in order to shed more light and try to answer the research questions will be police personnel of all ranks. These are effective because of their direct involvement and expertise with law enforcement at different levels including even the management level. The other participants will be citizens. Citizens are the stakeholders and also the clients of law enforcement management styles and their input is necessary if the integration of the traditional and modern management styles in law enforcement is to be effective and successful.
The sampling techniques to be used will be both stratified sampling and simple random. Stratified sampling will be effective because of the participants’ classification into different ranks in the law enforcement department whereas simple random sampling is effective to choose the citizens who will participate in the survey (Kothari, 2008).
Research design
This is a descriptive type of research and the best research design to use in this case will be longitudinal research design. This is the best because it will enable statistics and other important information from a few years back to be used and then the trend of the results of the management styles to be compared. The results of this longitudinal study will be efficient in answering some of the posed research questions (Kothari, 2008).
The comparison will show the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the participants of the study with the traditional management style currently being used by law enforcement departments and this will be good grounds to necessitate use of a modern management style. The research design is also the best if reliability of the results and the methodology is to be ensured.
Data collection technique and instruments
This research is going to employ the use both primary and secondary data as a way to collect data. The primary data to be used will be collected through surveys. These surveys will be conducted from both the citizens and the law enforcement personnel of all ranks. The importance of these surveys is that they will cast a clear picture of what really the traditional management style has achieved and what the modern management style in the law enforcement would achieve. The surveys will be conducted through different methods to ensure reliability and also validity of the information that will be provided.
The high ranking law enforcement officers can be subjected to interviews that are open in order to gain not only facts but also opinion on the management change. The rest of the law enforcement people can be given questionnaires to fill which will also have both open and closed sections. The citizens can have both survey methods: interviews and questionnaires depending on which citizens are participants.
The secondary data will be collected from databases of crime and reports in the police departments about management and also ranking. These information is important because it will give an indication of what has been going on in the law enforcement concerning these management policies and styles and hence what will need to be changed in order to integrate in the modern management. The secondary data will also give statistics necessary for data analysis.
Data analysis and presentation
Analysis of the data will be done electronically to ensure accuracy of the results. The presentation on the other hand will be tailored differently since the target is both the public (community) and the law enforcement officials. Different presentation modes like through reports and also through public forums which will target the community. The public forum presentation will involve explanations using simple, basic terms.
Kothari, C. R. (2008). Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques. California: New Age International. Read More
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