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Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay Example

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The paper "Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility" states that CSR and business ethics are two different things; however, both concepts deal with objectives and values with different intentions other than making profits. When a firm is socially responsible, they have to act ethically…
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Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility
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Extract of sample "Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility"

Ethics can be defined as the behavior that is accepted; moreover, ethical factors should be taken into consideration by businesses. This is because businesses are operating in a society with structured moral values. Hence, when businesses are conducting their operations, there is a need for them to offer given responsibilities to the society besides just providing them with goods and services. In addition, businesses always attempt to increase their sales volume by engaging in promotional activities that are misleading to the customers. Occasionally, the message being conveyed may not provide accurate product details (Fisher and Lovell, 2006). However, several businesses participate in corrupt practices like selling goods that are of low standards. They do this through bribing government officials in order to continue operating (Fisher and Lovell, 2006).
Corporate social responsibility refers to a commitment, away from the one that is needed by the regulations as well as economics, for organizations to achieve their goals. Moreover, social responsibility is also a continued commitment by organizations to conduct themselves ethically. It also enables organizations to participate in economic development as they improve the life’s quality for their employees, their families as well as the quality life of the neighboring community. Therefore, social responsibility is also concerned with how organizations manage their businesses in order to have significant positive contributions to society (Lawrence and Weber, 2008).
In conclusion, it should be noted that ethics majorly deals with individual actions that may be evaluated as being wrong or right in comparison to the moral principles. Read More
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