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Healthcare Insight Repositioning - Research Paper Example

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This study is aimed at looking at the major changes in a medical facility that will ensure the organization provides optimum medical care to its patients. It analyzes the changes that have taken place in the organization, looking at the major effects it has had on the daily operation of the institution…
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Healthcare Insight Repositioning
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Extract of sample "Healthcare Insight Repositioning"

Download file to see previous pages Human beings often get sick and when they do so, they need medical attention. Landmark Health is a non-profit making organization that looks towards offering their patients suitable services that will leave them satisfied, and ensure that their outpatients have words full of praise for their services rather than criticizing them (Nanus & Dobbs, 1999). Landmark Healthcare Organization extends its medical services from Virginia all the way to Georgia. The mission of the organization is to improve the health of communities, with services to each and every person in the community. The major purpose of this study is to identify the major successes and pitfalls faced by the organization as a result of its changing environment in terms of site, management and patient outcome and suggesting solutions and suitable recommendations to the problems that the organization faces.
The essence of a local health center is to provide suitable medical care to its adjacent community and extend its services further to other communities in the region. Landmark Healthcare provides value to the community by embodying the belief that they have practiced at the various sites in the country. According to their senior leader, they strive to provide same medical facilities all over their thirteen locations so as to satisfy patients from both areas who visit their institution. In addition, their market leader pointed out that they offer value by providing exceptional medical facilities, enhancing appropriate physician practices and being devoted to the outreach of the community and other communal services (Nanus & Dobbs, 1999). These values, when provided adequately and sufficiently to the community, come with benefits, and as he continued to say, it has had some enormous contributions to the success of the organization, including the organizations registering a massive benefit of $ 567 million in the year 2011. The benefits recorded were not only because of the large numbers of in-patients that they record, but it was accrued to the community services that they offer to the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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