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Report 2 - Article Example

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Star Parker writes that this is a mistake that will decrease the number of minimum wage workers as employers cannot afford to pay as many people as are currently working. Parker feels that individual…
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Article Report 2
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Extract of sample "Report 2"

June, 19, 2012
Minimum Wage Hike does Maximum Harm
ARTICLE SUMMARY/MAIN POINTS: (You need only a few complete sentences – just enough to express the gist of the article). LIMITED TO THREE LINES.
Jesse Jackson has called for the minimum wage to increase from 7.25 to 10.00. Star Parker writes that this is a mistake that will decrease the number of minimum wage workers as employers cannot afford to pay as many people as are currently working. Parker feels that individual responsibility should elevate minimum wage workers, not increased pay.
YOUR OPINION (Reaction, Agree/Disagree, etc.):
Like most conservatives, Parker seems to believe that corporate decisions can be trusted while the government should take little to no responsibility for employment. She suggests at the end of the article that the individual is the only one who can be responsible for their future and that if someone gets their high school education, works full time, and waits until after they are 21, they are more likely to end up in the middle class. While I do not disagree with this assessment, I also believe that this formula only represent a small part of what it takes to end up in the middle class. The fact is that there are not enough jobs in the United States for the number of workers. Unemployment can only be increased by increasing opportunities, which means that government should be creating jobs. Government does create jobs by doing public builds, creating public services that require people to work in those departments, and through incentives to businesses targeting the increase in jobs. This means giving work to businesses so that they will need more employees. A company will only hire when there is a demand for products and there is a need for builders and creators to support building those products. There are some people who do not want to work, but the majority would rather have meaning in their lives through jobs that provide them with more than just food and shelter. Increasing employment increases spending, which increases wealth on all levels. I do not think increasing the minimum wage is the answer, but I do not agree that private industry will create the answer to the lack of equality in wealth within the United States. The government needs to stop focusing on corporate bail outs and pandering to the corporations as ‘entities’. Providing jobs through government programs will help to solve the problems that the United States is experiencing through increasing the spending of middle and lower classes, raising their standards of living through income, and providing for a more expanded population with means that are higher than currently experienced.
CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify that I am the author of this paper, that it is written in my own words except where indicated by quotation marks, and it was prepared by me specifically for this course.
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