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NY Times - Case Study Example

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New York Times began operations as a print based journalistic medium but later as the online medium became more popular, New Times explored that…
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NY Times Case Study
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Extract of sample "NY Times"

Download file to see previous pages The New York Times suffered a 3% decline in the total revenues. This was attributed to the evolving nature of journalism into new media and the uneven economic conditions that prevail all over the world (The New York Time Company, 2012). The share prices of the company has also fallen down 23% during the last three months and closed at $6.20 on April 16, 2012 (Science, 2012). This is attributed to the fact that advertising revenues have plummeted along with the readership of print based newspapers (Kirchhoff, 2010).
The New York Times faces a wide range of competitors from different fronts. In the case of print publications, NY Times and The Globe face competition from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Economist, and The Financial Times. On the online front, the company faces competition from Google News, Yahoo! News,,,,, CNet, iVillage and countless others.
Recently New York Times, in order to face this challenge has come up with a strategy whereby they intend to diversify their revenues into the digital medium and gaining cost efficiency in all areas. In the print medium, New York Times has cut down the paper size by reducing the width of the paper by 1.5 inches (Press Gazette, 2007). The strategy is also focused on using the strong brand appeal of the company to increase circulation reviews. The last dimension of the strategy is to manage the asset portfolio in such a way that it assists the core operations of the company and also ensures a strong digital presence (The New York Times Company, 2012b).
Understanding the changing media and journalism landscape, New York Times Company went through a variety of changes. They limited their online article access to twenty articles per month for normal users and provided unlimited access to digital and print subscribers only. In order to keep the brand recognizable within the web, the company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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