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OSH Acts General Industry Standard - Essay Example

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Low-velocity tools are tools that utilize a piston designed to be captive to drive a stud, pin or fastener into a work surface.
a) The muzzle end of the tool shall be designed in such a way that a…
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OSH Acts General Industry Standard
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Extract of sample "OSH Acts General Industry Standard"

OSH Act’s General Industry Standard General Industry Standards, 29 CFR 1910 A low velo Ramset Gun 1910.243(d) (2) (ii)
This is a guarding standard that applies to tools of low-velocity-piston type. Low-velocity tools are tools that utilize a piston designed to be captive to drive a stud, pin or fastener into a work surface.
a) The muzzle end of the tool shall be designed in such a way that a suitable protective shield, guards, jigs or fixtures can be mounted perpendicular to the barrel. This shields should be manufactured by the same manufacturer and they should be included un this tools as one package.
b) The tool shall be designed in such a manner in which it does not propel, discharge a stud, pin or fastener during loading activities or during the preparations for firing. It should not also discharge a pin when accidentally dropped while being loaded.
c) Firing of the tool shall be solely dependent upon at least two separate and different operations with the final firing movement being separate from the operation of bringing the tool into a firing position.
d) The tool should be designed as not operate in any other surface except its intended
e) And unless the worker is holding is holding the tool against the work surface with which is at least five pounds greater to the original weight of the tool.
f) The tool shall be designed that positive means of varying the power are available or can be installed to the operator as part of the tool in order to make it possible for selection of a power level adequate to perform a chosen task with or without excessive force.
g) The tool shall be so designed that all breeching parts will be reasonably visible to allow checking for foreign matter that may be present or may interfere to make it easy to clean and maintain.
h) The tool should be designed in such a manner that it cannot be fired if it is not equipped with a protective shield or guard.
i) The tool should match the fastener being used without the use of excessive force thus avoids any damagers.
j) Operating control on hand-held shall be located so to minimize on accidental operations during its handling.
The tool found had a velocity of 150m/s nail fastener. The nails that were supposed to be used were supposed to be hard steel. Safely stored in a safety box. Had color codes that showed the various strengths whereby the strength of the charge determines the power of a particular charge.
The ramset nail gun met all the standards that it required
Construction, American Institute of Steel. "Powder-actuated Fasteners." Engineering Journal (2003): 40-41.
"Introduction to OSHA." April 2011. Occapational Safety and Health Administrarion. 27 May 2012 .
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(OSH Acts General Industry Standard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
OSH Acts General Industry Standard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“OSH Acts General Industry Standard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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