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Forces Influencing the Current Attitudes toward Leadership in the American Workplace - Essay Example

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  This essay "Forces Influencing the Current Attitudes toward Leadership in the American Workplace" discusses the role of the charismatic and transformational type of leadership in workplaces. This type of leadership has helped to propel individuals and organizations alike into higher levels of performance. …
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Forces Influencing the Current Attitudes toward Leadership in the American Workplace
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Extract of sample "Forces Influencing the Current Attitudes toward Leadership in the American Workplace"

  Motivation can also be achieved through a simple gesture of employee recognition. This is in line with awarding what an employee has achieved as it works to boost his or her self esteem.    The American workforce is made up of people from various walks of life. Its diversity is notable. With this in mind, it is necessary to consider the interpersonal relationships within the working environment. An organization can only do well if at all every employee, irrespective of their affiliations and backgrounds, is working towards achieving a similar objective. This is an aspect of cohesion such that a good leader will work on harmony, cohesion, and unity in the workplace. Technological advancement is a force to reckon with in any given organization. Those who have embraced it have reaped its benefits with respect to levels of motivation that can be inspired within an organization. America has embraced technology and therefore incorporated the various related aspects to ensure efficiency in the operation of the organizations. In this case, technological events have played a key role to influence current attitudes of leadership (, 1).

In America, people are aware of their rights. It is evident how the issue of equality has taken center stage in many heated debates. Minority groups such as women, children and the gay, to have their rights that should be equally respected. These groups are known to play one part or another in various organizations. Currently, a leader has to be very sensitive to such issues in order to realize efficiency within the organization. In conclusion, leadership styles have transformed from one level to another. This is necessary to keep up with the dynamic nature of the world. Adaption ensures that a leader is on the leading edge rather than a trailing edge.   Read More
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