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The Implications of Change of Command in Community Management - Essay Example

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The writer of the current essay attempts to describe the principles of effective community management in regard to a change of command process. The writer, moreover, seeks to investigate the practices that will ensure the greatest success and cooperation…
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The Implications of Change of Command in Community Management
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Extract of sample "The Implications of Change of Command in Community Management"

The sky is the limit and we must all eye greater success in our endeavors. Similarly, we have to admit that the existence of mistakes in our records such as failing to identify unfavorable traits among candidates in recruitment processes call for improvement. New approaches are therefore necessary for better results.
Greater success can be achieved through diligence that leads to more efficiency. I, therefore, recommend approaches that have been successful to me in developing trust among people towards cooperation. As a member of a team, I learned that positive interactions with the community, as well as with team members, develop positive relations and cooperation into efficient operations. Some of the most effective strategies towards positive interactions with the community include preventing and solving the community’s problems that develop the community’s trust in you. I am also confident that your “knowledge, skills and attitudes” can be applied to greater achievements that will set performance standards for future personnel (Lawrence and Mathew, 2012,p. 284).  Read More
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(The Implications of Change of Command in Community Management Essay)
The Implications of Change of Command in Community Management Essay.
“The Implications of Change of Command in Community Management Essay”, n.d.
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