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Mcl restaurant - Research Paper Example

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In this organization structure, the line managers receive directions and instructions from their immediate superiors (Samson & Daf 43). In this case, we have the top level manager, middle…
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Mcl restaurant
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Extract of sample "Mcl restaurant"

MCI Restaurant Organization chart is the diagrammatic representation of the levels of management and the structure of the organization.
MCL has a vertical organization structure in which there are various lines of management. In this organization structure, the line managers receive directions and instructions from their immediate superiors (Samson & Daf 43). In this case, we have the top level manager, middle level managers and first line managers in the order of hierarchy from top to bottom.
Organizing as a management function encourages specialization, clarification of duties, coordination of roles between the departments, effective administration and helps in defining roles (Bartol & Martin 103). Top-level managers giving instruction to their immediate subordinates what is referred to as a chain of command characterizes this organization structure. In this line organization structure, the managers can also delegate part of their functions to their subordinates while remaining responsible for their actions. Decentralization is further embraced in the line structure whereby there are managers responsible for the various departments of the restaurant.
MCL organization follows a function wise department in which similar tasks are brought together. This kind of departmentalization is a reflection of the functions of the organization, follows the principles of specialization, and promotes control by the top managers. Task oriented departmentalization is also simple to understand in addition to the improvement in efficiency in the business. Functional departmentalization ensures easier communication and eradicates duplication of functions.
However, functional departmentalization causes the risk of overspecialization and concentration on the departmental objectives rather than the general organizations goals (Griffin & Moorehead 78). This may hamper the realization of the overall objectives of the business. It might also be characterized by communication breakdown between the organizations different functions.
MCL organization structure supports its strategy by promoting efficient communication, determines the execution of roles with the aim of ensuring organizations success. The structure also makes the organization respond to the changes in the environment and pursue new ways of achieving objectives. Moreover, the structure defines how work is done and coordinated hence eradicating inefficiencies.
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Mcl Restaurant Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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