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The Assortment of Products in ACT II - Case Study Example

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This paper focuses on the assortment of products in ACT II, which is a company that mainly deals with producing edible products. According to the company’s outlined recipe, and standards it’s the best in the market given its wide range of flavors in handy…
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The Assortment of Products in ACT II
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Extract of sample "The Assortment of Products in ACT II"

Assortment of Products in ACT II

ACT II is a company that mainly deals with producing edible products. Such products are like popcorns, corn flakes, butter. According to the company’s outlined recipe, and standards it’s the best in the market given its wide range of flavors in handy. The corns vary categorically since there are classic types and the fun flavored ones. Different corn category is meant for various distinct occasions. ACT II has been widely identified for its quality products and inconsistency in the market. The company is goal oriented to keep their customers with constantly changing its brands as per the changing trends in the current market situation .It ensure customers satisfaction and guarantee over its high quality production . In order to be steady in the market its product prices are lower in the market (Kerin, Hartley & Rudelius, 2011). In addition, production of zero fat corns is among the strategies the company has diversified into to adapt in the current market.
A number of channels of distribution arose for ACT II popcorn so that it could reach the preferred market and satisfy the various diverse needs of the consumer. A diagrammatic representation shows as below.
Vendor machine Vendor machine Drug Store

Agent vendor machine
Consumer consumer consumer
ACT II popcorn can be distributed to the vendor machine on the first instance, and then the consumer can be able to get it. Secondly, it can be distributed to the vendor machine and through the agent; the consumer can obtain the product. Lastly, the product can be distributed to the drug stores then the various vendor machines available in the drug stores and via the agent; the product is able to reach the destined consumer.
The marketing strategy that the conagra foods company should use is market segmentation. Market segmentation is the case in which the whole market is divided into many market niche i.e. small markets which can easily be captured and controlled by the company. The pricing mode should be from the small amounts in order to cover all the consumers. This strategy would help in the business becoming a leader in distribution. The grocery mode of distribution is not able to cover all customers and so there should be a numbers of modes of distribution.
A number of challenges accrue when there is expansion and growth in the business. Foreign tastes, cultural differences, distance and trade regulations. Different consumers would have different tastes and preferences in their life cycles. This is because of the civilization and their lifestyles. It can also be due to income levels. Cultural differences cause individuals to abstain from products, as their upbringing does not allow them to do so. The distance from one location to another brings about a myriad of issues in that the time zones are varying and the cost of availing products becomes high. There are also trades regulations that do not favor some businesses and the bureaucratic nature of organizations also become a great detriment to the safe distribution the products (Kerin, Hartley & Rudelius, 2011). Careful analysis should be carried out as remedy. This challenge should be overcome in order to effectively distribute the product.
Reference Kerin, R. A., Hartley, S. W., & Rudelius, W. (2011). Marketing: the core (4th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Read More
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