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Assessment #2 - Experiential Analysis - Assignment Example

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This script attempts to find out how culture influences interpersonal communication within my work group as well as the company’s strategy towards communication. The company in question is a Transport And Logistics Railway System with our department as a key point where…
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Assessment #2 - Experiential Analysis
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Extract of sample "Assessment #2 - Experiential Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages r daily wagon position; Caren Oshome is responsible for Wagon Turn Around times; Eric Njoroge is responsible for Locomotive & Transit times; and I, Samuel, is responsible for locomotive turnaround times at key depots/yards.
This company experiences cultural diversity and, therefore, intercultural accommodation among different groups is highly encouraged. Our group constitutes varying cultural backgrounds and each of us endeavors to appreciate the culture of each other in order to improve service delivery. We joined the company at a time during which mutual understanding was quite a challenge. We decided to embrace free communication which not only bonded and gave us a basis for a common identity, but also created a context for interaction and negotiation amongst us.
As a consequence of this communication, we have created a set of shared experiences and many ways of talking about issues affecting us at work. To this end, we have inculcated our own culture/style of doing certain things. Conforming to such criteria is helping us to attain our objectives. This is dictated by our responsibilities and obligations and, hence, fosters a harmonious functioning among group members. Secondly, it enhances relationships and group cohesion from within since it outlines the kind of attitudes expected of us. More often than not, this facilitates us in a substantial way to resolve conflict.
Thirdly, it assists to gain a better understanding of our job experiences by prescribing our ethical attitudes as well as the roles. After we adopted similar values and behaviors, we started experiencing a sense of unity and belongingness; stability as conflicts are resolved and harmony is maintained; satisfaction and group cohesion; and improved internal dynamism as a result of the influence of a stronger internal cohesion.
Quite a lot of facts have been brought on board to shed some light on how culture affects interpersonal communication within a group. To complement past emphasis on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessment #2 - Experiential Analysis Assignment.
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