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Develope a project schedule - Essay Example

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The first, group of list has been categorized as initiation of the project. Together, the various activities here set the pace for the main project to begin. As of this stage, nothing tangible…
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Develope a project schedule
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Extract of sample "Develope a project schedule"

Project Schedule This section presents a quick review of the activity list that was presented earlier. The first, group of list has been categorized as initiation of the project. Together, the various activities here set the pace for the main project to begin. As of this stage, nothing tangible or concrete regarding the project will be done. Rather, a series of negotiations that concern the success of the project. The major activity under the initiation shall be a feasibility study, which shall be a confirmation of the merits and possibility of achieving the set goals. The next group of lists comes under the planning of the project. These shall also not involve any physical construction of project parts. Rather, there shall be a lot of boardroom work to ensure that the outcome of the feasibility studies is extensively digested. For instance the total cost of the project that emerges from the feasibility study shall be discussed on ways of meeting up those costs. The planning activities shall also include the setting up of an overseer committing and the drawing of a general plan s. following the planning stage shall be the actual execution of the project. This stage is thus named the execution stage and shall involve several ground work rather than boardroom work. There shall for instance be a system design project where the master plan system to be used in the construction of the project target shall be designed. More to this, all engineers shall be on site to put parts and pieces of the project together to ensure that actual manufacturing goes on.
The last but one stage is the control stage. This stage shall have two phases. The two phases involve on-the-ground evaluation and off-the-ground evaluation. On-the-ground evaluation involves a rapid and continuous evaluation and monitoring exercise that shall be carried out on the project execution stage. This means that from time to time, there shall be officers who shall be monitoring and giving reports on the progress of the work. The off-the-grounds phase shall also be a generalized evaluation activity for the project after everything has ended. After this stage, the project shall successfully be closed. Looking at the various stages and the activities involved, the following duration for execution has been designed. The motive for allocation of time is from the perspective that the overall aim of the project is to save a lot of time in the construction of a unit machine. The whole project should therefore be executed in a total of eight (8) weeks.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Initiation activities
Planning activities
Executions activities
Control activities
Closure activities
From the schedule table, it can be seen that the initiation stage shall take a total of one week. During this week, the planning shall also be begun. The planning stage shall however take one more week to make it 2 weeks in all. The execution shall not start till the end of the planning stage. The executions shall however take a total of 4 weeks. In the course of the execution, the control shall also take place. After the execution, there shall be 1 more week for off-the-ground control. Finally, the project shall be closed in 1 week.
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