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Walter dill Scott's Productivity in the Workplace - Essay Example

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The author examines the article “Benefits of using organizational psychology in business” which is about how to improve productivity by use of Walter’s ideas. He suggested that for productivity in an organization to increase and issues to be solved, the selection of the best employees is important.  …
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Walter dill Scotts Productivity in the Workplace
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Extract of sample "Walter dill Scott's Productivity in the Workplace"

The selection can be done through psychological testing of the employee’s knowledge, skills and other attributes that are important for the organization. This article insists that if an organization wants to solve its issues and analyze its concern, then it has to follow the work and ideologies of Walter Scott mentioned above or those discussed in his book “Theory of Advertising.”
According to me, the ideas of Walter Scott discussed in the article and which are suggested to be necessary for analyzing the issues in the workplace can work if the organization’s management implements them. This is so because employee selection is an important element of industrial psychology and it sets the foundation of the organization’s performance and all other issues or concerns. If the employees are therefore selected correctly and based on their qualifications, then all other issues and concerns in the workplace can be dealt with. 
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