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Although unions have declined tremendously, some organizations still have unionized employees. Therefore, unions make certain that the rights of the employees are protected and in…
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Download file to see previous pages As a means to an end, it recommends strategies that an organization can implement to maintain a successful working relationship with the unions.
The management plays a pivotal role in a firm. It ensures that the working environment is conducive for the employees; hence, reducing cases of strikes. It also works jointly with the unions to improve the welfare of the workers and ensure high productivity. Additionally, it controls and manages the activities of the firm to guarantee smooth running of the business. Most of the organizations have unionized employees; thus, the unions ensure that the rights of the workers are fully protected. On the same note, they impact organizations negatively and positively. For instance, they ensure increased profitability, reduced turnover, and improved relationships with the employees. However, in case there are disagreements, there is likelihood of engaging in strikes; hence, low profit and negative publicity. In that case, organizations need to work jointly with the unions by seeing them as partners and developing a strategic partnership with them that is based on respect and trust (Ghosh, 2005; Tschida, 2006). This discourse focuses on discussing the role of the management and unions in an organization. It also gives a detailed summary of the effects that unions have on the management. Finally, it recommends strategies that organizations can implement to create a productive working relationship with the unions. It is without doubt that the trade unions play a major role in enhancing productivity; thus, managers should work together to maintain a positive working setting that is based on mutual trust and social cohesion.
Managers are paramount in a firm as they ensure all activities are in accordance to the stipulated goals. The main role of an organization’s management is to guide firms towards accomplishing their goals as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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