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Managing Conflict - Essay Example

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Conflicts can be between members of staff or even between members of staff and the management. There can also be individual conflicts and group conlicts.However, the most important thing is…
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Managing Conflict
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Extract of sample "Managing Conflict"

Management of conflict Managing conflicts Conflicts are normal and are likely to occur in the day to day operations of companies. Conflicts can be between members of staff or even between members of staff and the management. There can also be individual conflicts and group conlicts.However, the most important thing is how conflicts are approached by respective parties in the firm. This is because a conflict not well handled could detriment the long term performance and even dent the image of a firm. Conflicts may arise from several issues and from different departments within the company (Polsky, 2011).
According to Benjamin (2007), conflicts sometimes may be a tricky issue to solve or handle which may always necessitates consultations from different quarters. For instance the Chief Executive officer of a shipping company may approach the human resource manager to seek guidance on the excessive drug use by some section of company employees. In the recent past, the company has experienced a series of plant accidents which the Chief Executive Officer alleges can be attributed to machinery operation under influence. The Chief Executive Officer have therefore ordered a compulsory for a mandatory drug test among the existing employees and the new employees too.However,the labor union have openly opposed such a move despite the company assuring them that those found positive will undergo treatment sponsored by the company and attend company financed cessation seminars.
Despite such a situation being tricky, a solution must be found and the relevant advice given to the Chief executive Officer by the Human resource manager. Whether the employees are guilty of the Chief Executive Officers assertion or not, one aspect must remain outstanding: that at the end of the day, the decision reached must consider the good long term future of the company (Benjamin, 2007). As the Human Resource manager, the following recommendation may be helpful to address the conflict in an amicable manner and in such away the labor union may readily accept the adoption of the company’s new policy.
1. Respect to employees privacy so long as they do not interfere with the companies operations.
The employees who use drugs and those who do not should not be coerced to undergo drug testing but the company should formulate an internal regulation to punish those who go to work under influence. This can be done through the introduction of operation fitness desk. This desk can serve the function of clearing employees before they embark on operating machinery. Those under influence when on duty should not be allowed to operate machinery and if possible face internal disciplinary measures for going against company policies (Runion, 2010).
2. Employees that have been found to operate machinery under influence will be forced to settle their own medical bills in future in cases of plant accidents and would not be liable for company’s compensation.
3. Resource persons, for example those who offer talks on drugs and substance abuse would be invited in the company from time to time to help those addicted overcome the problem.
4. Workers that are not in agreement with the company’s new regulations should be given adequate time to quit their respective positions and find employment elsewhere but the company must duly pay them their respective allowances if they agree to do so.
The above recommendations are greatly inclined to the future of the company and also the welfare of its employees in terms of physical security. Though very strigent, they are fair to both the company and individual employees as well.
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