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- College Rigistration Project - Case Study Example

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In undertaking the project, some uncertainties are involved. This calls for the need to review the schedule regularly as the project progresses…
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Case Study - College Rigistration Project
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Extract of sample "- College Rigistration Project"

Case Study - College Registration Project Introduction A project development schedule is a plan of how an organization intends to achieve a given set objective within a specific time frame. In undertaking the project, some uncertainties are involved. This calls for the need to review the schedule regularly as the project progresses. While implementing the project schedule, certain management and schedule conflict issues may arise, thereby making the schedule deadline not to be met (Lock, 2007). These conflicts must be dealt with appropriately so as to achieve the set deadlines and the means of solving these conflicts is well tackled below.
A clear objective should be set for each person before any action plan can begin. The objectives should be measurable, finite, meaningful and realistic. Then, the relevant tasks required to accomplish the set objectives should be identified. At the same time, deadlines should be set for each of these tasks because tasks without deadlines do not become completed tasks.
The inputs necessary for the projects schedule should also be taken into consideration for the project to be a success. Several input types will be required to facilitate the project. These would include personal and project calendars to help understand the working days and shifts. A description of the project scope will also help determine the key start dates, major assumptions behind the plan and the key limiting factors to the project. Project risks should be clearly identified and understood to ensure that there is enough extra time to deal with identified risks. A list of activities and resource requirements should be determined. The management needs to understand the resource capabilities and experiences available. This would also entail evaluation of how company holidays and staff vacations will affect the project schedule and detailing means of overcoming such effects.
Approaches to conflict resolution would entail use of ‘compromising’ technique. This is better described as a ‘give and take’ method where parties in conflict negotiate to reach a mutually satisfactory solution. Either party will cede ground to reach a decision thus leaving each person satisfied. ‘Avoiding’ is another technique which can be used. It is better described as a ‘withdrawal style’. It entails postponing an issue for later periods or just withdrawing from the situation altogether. This is however a provisional solution because the problem or disagreement will continue to reoccur. Another style to use would be the ‘Smoothing’ technique which is also known as ‘accommodating or obliging’ style. It mainly lays emphasis on the areas of agreement while the areas of disagreement are downplayed. A party may also sacrifice his own goals in order to satisfy the concerns of the other party (Milošević, 2003).
A ‘confronting’ approach can also be utilized. This can best be described as ‘problem-solving, collaborating or win-win’ style. The conflicting parties would hold a face-to-face meeting and work together to reach an amicable solution that takes care of the concerns of both parties. It also involves an open and direct communication which eventually yields a solution to the problem. Finally, another style called ‘Forcing’ can be used. It is also called the ‘competing, controlling or dominating style.’ This takes place when one party all out to win his position while at the same time not taking into account the needs and disquiet of the other party. This technique is more likely in a scenario where the intensity of a conflict increases and results in a win-lose situation where one party emerges victorious at the expense of the other.
Therefore, for the company to meet the operational date of May 1, it should consider and put in place the strategies mentioned above. This would make them earn the extra bonuses and avoid stiff penalty.
Lock, D. (2007). The essentials of project management (3rd ed.). Aldershot, England: Gower.
Milošević, D. (2003). Project management toolbox tools and techniques for the practicing project manager. Hoboken, N.J.: J. Wiley & Sons. Read More
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Case Study - College Rigistration Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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