Orange Resorts International - Case Study Example

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The organization has undergone the challenges mainly due to a major transition in the economy between the year 2008 and 2009. The downfall of stock market,…
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Orange Resorts International Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages em in ORI has further reduced its operation in terms of maintaining appropriate data management functions along with Customer Relationship Management activities. Although the integration of new system may increase potential opportunity for ORI, the new system could also face major obstacles to perform the increased level of marketing along with sales and service functions of the organization. The existing limitations in the current system may create major constraint for ORI to perform its marketing, sales and service related activities, which impose major risks for ORI. In addition, the unsatisfactory facets along with inadequate attributes in the new system may also reduce the capability of ORI to make appropriate decisions or taking effective measures in accordance with the current trend in the tourism business industry.
In order to deal with the current problem of managing information system in ORI, an effective planning and execution process of system development lifecycle should be duly recognized. An effective planning and implementation of the newly developed system development lifecycle would enable not only to improve business efficiency of ORI, but also to provide adequate opportunities to the organization in terms of obtaining its desired business goals and avert potential challenges. The newly developed system will significantly focus on managing, controlling and directing key operational activities of ORI and help it to advance in decision-making processes. In this regard, appropriate management and evaluation of data would be a major supportive attribute of the proposed system plan. The process of evaluating data management and controlling process in line with the current trend will substantially improve the decision making process in ORI to accumulate growth even during the transitional economy.
The system will be sponsored by system administrators of ORI with a strategic team, who will be accountable to report each function to the board of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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