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SAAB Automobiles: SWOT and PESTEL Analysis - Essay Example

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The essay "SAAB Automobiles: SWOT and PESTEL Analysis" describes that the PESTEL analysis would help to understand clearer the challenges of the organization in the context of the global market. No governmental support can be expected for business initiatives, even for firms operating locally. …
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SAAB Automobiles: SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
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Extract of sample "SAAB Automobiles: SWOT and PESTEL Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The Indian firm Mahindra has declared its interest to acquire SAAB and support the re-positioning of the organization in the global industry (Kinnander 2011).
Despite the challenges that the firm has to face, especially since its bankruptcy, still, there are chances for the organization’s revival, taking into consideration the current performance of the global luxury cars sector globally. For this reason, it would be necessary to evaluate the position of the firm towards its competitors. The use of SWOT analysis and the PESTEL analysis would be necessary.
In the context of the SWOT analysis, the performance of the organization would be measured, using four criteria: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The relevant analysis could be developed as follows: a) Strengths; the firm has a significant brand name; in fact, SAAB has been the key competitor in the global automotive industry; the quality of its cars has been considered as the firm’s key advantage within the global automotive industry (SWEDECAR 2012); b) Weaknesses; the competition in the global automotive industry is extremely strong; many firms have managed to develop their position in the particular industry, reducing the firm’s potential market share; for example, apart from BMW and Mercedes, the firm has to face automotive firms such as Seat and Hyundai, which do not have such history as SAAB but their brand name has become well known in markets internationally (Hoovers 2012); the design of the firm’s cars has not been changed for many years; this is a significant weakness of the organization towards its competitors, who are likely to update their design rules regularly (The Financial Express 2010);c) Opportunities; the luxury market worldwide is expanded rapidly. Despite the market’s downturn after the recession of 2009 (Eisenstein 2009), now the prospects of the particular industry are many, as revealed through the high profits of luxury cars in China and other dynamic markets worldwide (Arcega 2012, Rovnick 2012); the firm would be able to compete effectively in the particular industry if it would be able to control its financials, meaning especially to develop effective negotiations with its creditors, d) Threats; the firm’s competitors have been increased their power since the bankruptcy of the organization; the phenomenon is clear in the case of SAAB’s dealers worldwide. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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