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What is the benefit to join the army - Essay Example

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This is the biggest benefit in joining the Army. However, there are other benefits related to joining the Army although they are tangible benefits. Nevertheless,…
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What is the benefit to join the army
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Extract of sample "What is the benefit to join the army"

Benefits of Serving in the US Army Brenda Garcia Morgan Cheney Mohsen Rajab Handout: Benefits of Serving in the US Army Members of the Armed Forces in this country have the highest honor in serving the country and are full of pride. This is the biggest benefit in joining the Army. However, there are other benefits related to joining the Army although they are tangible benefits. Nevertheless, serving the country brings an individual honor and pride, which remains the biggest benefits. In addition, individuals from ROTC can attest to this fact. According to U.S. Army Info (n.d.), the following are some other benefits of joining the Army.
Healthcare: This remains the most important feature for anyone seeking employment. Human beings need to meet their safety needs. In effect, the assurance that the Army meets their healthcare needs inevitably makes them meet their social needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In this regard, not only does the Army provide healthcare to its personnel but also caters for the healthcare needs of their immediate family members.
Education: The ROTC program is enough evidence that there are chances in the Army to further education. In this regard, individuals should not worry that their chances of pursuing further education end after joining the Army once they completed college. In this case, members of the US military are eligible to join any education program with full tuition coverage met by the Army.
Vacation and Travel: We all need time to travel and unwind once in awhile. The Army provides individuals serving thirty days leave every year. Thus, individuals will get a chance to travel and go for vacation around the world.
College Loan Repayment: Some studies indicate that a majority of Americans spend a lot of time working to repay their education loans. However, the Army pays loans up to $65,000. Retirement Benefits: We all want to retire peacefully and have earnings that will sustain us through the rest of our life. The Army provides a beautiful retirement package to thank individuals for service as they integrate themselves in civilian life.
This section outlines the overheads acetates that we will use to capture the attention of the program attendants in order to capture their attention. Prerequisites for admission to any ROTC program according to Go Army:
U.S. citizen
High school diploma or equivalent
Between ages 17 and 26
College GPA of at least 2.5
Army physical fitness standard
No moral objection to bear arms and defend the United States Constitution
Importance of ROTC program:
Prepare an individual for future careers in the Army
Service makes one loyal to the country
Service to the country gives an individual a sense of self-fulfillment
Relationship of the Maslow’s Hierarchy with service in the Army:
Physiological needs: Earnings from the Army help an individual provide for themselves and their families.
Safety needs: Achievement of financial needs and job security.
Social needs: Working with colleagues promises achievement of friendships, a social need.
Esteem needs: The Army trains individuals to have self-respect and respect for others.
Self-actualization: Fulfilled through loyalty and service to the country
Method of Evaluation
It is only fair to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program by getting feedback from the audience. In this regard, the best method to use will be the method that Campbell and Stanley called the One-Shot Case Study (ac cited in Seel, 2011). In effect, we will focus on assessment and evaluation of some levels such as participants’ perception on the usefulness and the quality level of training. In addition, we will evaluate the perception of the participants’ satisfaction with the training and their perception of other interests. In this regard, we will hand the participants the following handout:
Please indicate your impressions of the items listed below.
1. This training meets my expectations.

2. I will consider joining the Army after school following this training.

3. The facilitators identified and followed all objectives during the training

4. The trainers’ organization of the content was well organized.

5. The distributed handouts are relevant and useful.

6. The facilitators were knowledgeable.

7. The quality of instruction instructions delivered was good.

8 Each trainer met their objective.

9. All the trainers encouraged participation and interaction.

10. Adequate time was provided for questions and discussion.

11. How do you rate the training overall?
Excellent Good Average Poor Very poor
    
12. What aspects of the training could be improved?
13. Other comments?
Go Army. (n.d.). Army ROTC Teaches you to Lead. Retrieved from
Seel, N. M. (2011). Encyclopedia of the Science of Learning. Berlin, Germany: Springer.
U.S. Army Info. (2008). US Army Info Site: Army Benefits. Retrieved from Read More
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What is the benefit to join the army Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words. Retrieved from
(What Is the Benefit to Join the Army Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
What Is the Benefit to Join the Army Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“What Is the Benefit to Join the Army Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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