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Staffing management plan - Coursework Example

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The aim of this document "Staffing management plan" is mainly to highlight on how the project manager will manage resources throughout the project. It also makes it clear that the project has adequate staff with the required skills to execute activities of the project…
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Staffing management plan
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Extract of sample "Staffing management plan"

Staffing management plan Number: Lecturer: Staffing management plan A staffing management plan is a type of a document that is used to store resources that are required in for timing purposes. The plan has details on strategies that will lead to possession of those resources, dates that the resources will be acquired and the end dates, requirements needed for training, policies and procedures that are meant for the team. It also contains an approach of team recognition and budget. The work of staff is basically to perform tasks and activities within an organization. A project manager for instance should have enough staff that is capable meeting the needs of a particular project (Learning center Inc., 2008).
The document gives a description of staff management plan for the road tarmacking project. The aim of this document is mainly to highlight on how the project manager will manage resources throughout the project. It will also make it clear that the project has adequate staff with the required skills to execute activities of the project.
This plan tries to identify processes that the project will undergo and procedures to be followed. The project will be done in reference to statewide information management manual. The manual will lead the project manager when executing duties during the project (Kior, 2007).
Document maintenance
The staffing management plan will be reviewed every six months and updated as soon as changes are realized. It will be mainly reviewed at every stage of the project, and what will be learned will help in standards upgrading of project.
Staff management approach
The process that will be undertaken during the project can be presented in a diagram as follows;
Staff planning
Requirement gathering – 10 1 week
Requirement analysis- 8 5 weeks
Design- 5 3weeks
Development-16 10 weeks
Testing -12 1 week
Maintenance – 6 continuous
Staff acquisition
WMO is a matrix organization that comprise of sponsored staff from foreign firms with consultant staff.
Staff training
Staff training will be conducted on the basis that their stage will come net after the current one expires. Orientation will be conducted and when the project is on course to equip the staff with skills (Dayal, Zachariah, & Rajpal, 1996).
Staff tracking and management
Project manager will be assigned with a duty to manage daily operations of the project and how staff responds to the project at every stage.
Rewards and consequences
The rewards of staffs will be reviewed weekly. Every staff will be paid at rate of $10 per day. The total rewards for each staff will be $300.
Staffing management plan is a very important when undertaking a project. The success of a project is determined by the strength of plan that is formulated.
Dayal, R., Zachariah, P., & Rajpal, K. (1996). Dynamics of human resource management. New Delhi: Mittal Publications.
Kior, N. J. (2007). Elements of human resource management. New Delhi: Nirali Prakashan.
Learning center Inc. (2008). Scope deliverables management. Retrieved March 3, 2012, from Annex learning center : Read More
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Staffing Management Plan Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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