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Organzational change, values, and leadership - Research Paper Example

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The organizational change may include the changes in the overall operational strategy, removal or addition of some section from or into the organization, or the life cycles experienced by an organization…
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Organzational change, values, and leadership
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Extract of sample "Organzational change, values, and leadership"

Download file to see previous pages On the hand, leadership is a scenario in which one individual exercises influence over the roles and operations of other individuals with the aim of achieving a common goal (Northouse, 2009). A strong connection exists between organizational change, values, and leadership. Vision and leadership are essential for successful change while change should be considered a core organizational value (Durant, 1999).
Organizations face certain issues that may pose challenges to their operations. Change is one of the current issues encountered in organizations. In the event that these organizational changes are encountered, there is need for the companies to strive to adapt their employees to the new organizational requirements. A change in the organization’s policy, vision, or mission may cause certain challenges to the employees, who in turn must be ready to execute the changes. An organizational change may often lead to a difference in opinions among the employees of the organization.
The other issue is the diversity that exists among the employees of an organization. Organizations comprise individuals with different values by which they live. The organizations also have their values by which the employees have to act and operate. Conflict between personal values of the employees and the organizational values may lower overall output of the organization. Similarly, effective leadership is an essential management tool in enhancing organizational effectiveness. The managers mobilize others to get things done in an organization. They need to acquire skills for peoples’ management through effective training.
The management of organizations is charged with the responsibility of detecting and responding to these changes accordingly and in good time. The changes affect the organizational objectives as well as the way employees ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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