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The Impact of Organizational Ethics on Employee Relations - Research Proposal Example

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Questions that were addressed in this study are those stated as follows: What is the impact of organizational ethics on local government officer relations? What are the implications of bad behavior conduct of local government officers to both the public and the officer?…
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The Impact of Organizational Ethics on Employee Relations
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Organizational Ethics on Employee Relations"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that the perspective on employer-employee relations has in the past decades undergone a radical transformation This has been contributed by the ever-increasing competition in the business world and organizations increased competitive advantage. The study of the impact of organizational ethics on employee relations is important because an organization survives because of relationships between employers, employees, and other stakeholders. The biggest concern is what would happen if organizational ethics is not practiced, and the possible effect of this. Firstly, according to Goleman, it is necessary to note that workforce in any given organization is essential for the achievement of the organization. In fact, the weak the workforce is, the weak the organization is. Therefore, it can be argued that application of ethics in an organization can affect the employees negatively or positively depend on how it’s applied. In essence, Jurkiewicz and Giacalone noted that when there are unethical acts or conduct within the organization, especially instigated by management to the employees, the implication of this is translated to the customer and other employees, and which may have adverse effects to the performance of the whole organization. The local government system is not exceptional. In regard to the local government system, the system is considered to play a key role in issues pertaining public service ethics. The concern here is what would happen if there no codes of conducts to which, for example, elected councilors are expected to conform. Just like in any other organization, the focus of local government, in this case, is not only about corruption, but rather the misconduct, hospitality, relationship with other officers and any other behavior that would bring any member of the local government into disrepute.
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